8 Ways to Earn Bitcoin for Your Business


8 Ways to Accept Bitcoin for Your Business?

Accepting Bitcoins as payment is the best way to earn Bitcoins—and probably the easiest. If your business is small, incorporating Bitcoins as a means of payment can be quick and easy. Whether it is an online store or a physical store, whether you sell services or goods; all you need to do is follow three steps;

Step 1: Go to Coinbase and get yourself an online Bitcoin wallet for free. 

Step 2: Put the QR-code (with your Bitcoin address) on display next to the cash register. 

Step 3: Let people know you accept Bitcoins by putting up a “Bitcoin accepted here” logo. 

1. Complete Tasks on Websites and Earn Free Bitcoins

Numerous websites will reward you with free Bitcoins if you visit the site, watch videos or complete given tasks. Some of those interesting sites include;

•    BitVisitor

•    freedigitalmoney.com

•    CoinWorker

•    Bitfortip

2. Earn Bitcoins from Interest Payments

Lend out Bitcoins that you already have and earn Bitcoin interest. You can either lend them out directly, through peer-to-peer Bitcoin lending or deposit them in a Bitcoin banking-like model. While lending your Bitcoins, you need to be very careful. If you lend to a scammer, you can never get them back. Use trusted sites only.

3. Mine For Bitcoins

Bitcoin mining is generating new Bitcoins. It is an expensive and intense process which has led people to create mining pools. BitMinter is one example of a mining pool. Since mining can be very costly and tedious, you need to do a lot of research before you start. 

4. Get Tipped In Bitcoins

This is much more like having Bitcoin as a method of payment. You will need a wallet and a QR code. Then inform the people who can tip you in Bitcoins. You can get Bitcoin tips in the following places;

•    Your shop (if you followed the steps in the first point).

•    A blog or website

•    Bitfortip

•    bctip

5. Earn Bitcoins via Trading

As stated earlier, dealing with Bitcoins calls for awareness so you won’t end up getting scammed. The most secure way to trade Bitcoins is through Arbitrage. That is, you buy an asset for a given price and sell it instantly somewhere else for a higher price. 

Alternatively, you can purchase Bitcoins and wait for the price to increase then sell them for a given currency amount (speculation). If the price sinks again, you repeat the process. You need to be either very lucky or good at predicting the future for you to succeed in this. 

6. Get Your Regular Income in Bitcoins

Well, not many organizations will pay you in Bitcoins, but at least there are some that will. You can get job offers in the following sites and earn Bitcoins as your income. Most of them are quite convenient because you can work from home. 

•    Bitcointalk Forum Services Section

•    Jobs for Bitcoins on Reddit

•    BitGigs

•    Coinality

•    XBTFreelancer

•    bitWAGE

7. Gamble for Bitcoins

Gambling is very risky—obviously—but it is also a way of earning Bitcoins. If you search the sites above, you will come across gambling sites for Bitcoins. The best thing, however, is to research for yourself and find the best sites. 

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