Apple could be buying cobalt from mining companies directly


Cobalt is the new oil. Car companies and battery manufacturers are all rushing to secure multiyear contracts with mining companies for their lithium-ion batteries. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is also participating in this game as the company wants to secure its long-term supplies. The company has never done this before with cobalt. Apple relies […]

Can You be Arrested for Debt?


Debtors’ prison is not supposed to be something you have to worry about in the United States these days. The practice of sending people to jail over unpaid debts was abolished in the U.S. over two centuries ago. So while you can be sued over an unpaid debt in civil court, there shouldn’t be any […]

23 Things Debt Collectors Are Not Allowed To Do


Though it sometimes seems like debt collectors will try anything, even impersonating Ed McMahon, to their money, the law actually puts some pretty strict limits on what these people and companies can and can’t do.   From pretending to be police or attorneys to calling you at all hours of the night to trying to tack […]

Americans could lose passports if ‘seriously delinquent’ on taxes


Americans who are behind on their taxes could be denied a passport, or even have theirs revoked, unless they enter into a payment agreement — a radical step that forms part of a crackdown on delinquent tax debt legislated by Congress. The IRS announced last month that it is beginning implementation of procedures aimed at […]

US court allows ‘sewer service’ debt collection class action


A divided federal appeals court in New York allowed more than 100,000 potential plaintiffs to pursue class action litigation accusing Leucadia National Corp and a law firm of fraudulently cutting corners to win default judgments in debt collection cases. Tuesday’s 2-1 decision by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals came after the U.S. Consumer […]

U.S. Courts Jailing Thousands over Civil Debts ‘Without Due Process,’ ACLU Says


Thousands of people are being arrested and jailed each year because of outstanding civil debts, despite the United States banning debtors’ prisons nearly 200 years ago, according to a new report from the American Civil Liberties Union. An estimated 77 million Americans have debt that has been turned over to a private collection agency, the ACLU claims. The union […]

Real Writers Get Bad Book Reviews. Here’s Why That’s OK.


Why do so many writers go ballistic when they get a bad review? Why do we RAGE at the single one-star review on Amazon and ignore the fifty good ones? Why do best sellers perceive a good, but unstarred review on Publishers Weekly as a wrenching rejection? Are we all weak-willed namby-pambies in need of a […]