What are the Top 5 Cryptocurrency Scanners?


What are the Top 5 Cryptocurrency Scanners?

Cryptocurrency scanners are essential tools for traders and investors who want to stay ahead in the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of digital currencies. These scanners help users track price movements, identify trading opportunities, and monitor market trends efficiently. With hundreds of cryptocurrency scanners available, finding the right one can be challenging. In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 cryptocurrency scanners that have proven to be invaluable for traders and investors alike.


TradingView is a powerful web-based platform that provides charting and analytical tools for traders and investors. It is a popular choice among cryptocurrency enthusiasts due to its wide range of features, extensive customization options, and a massive community of active users.

Key features of TradingView include:

a. Real-time charts: TradingView offers a variety of chart types, including candlestick, line, and bar charts, and supports numerous timeframes. This makes it easier for users to analyze price movements and identify trends.

b. Technical indicators: With over 100 built-in technical indicators, TradingView enables traders to conduct in-depth market analysis. Users can also create custom indicators using the platform’s scripting language, Pine.

c. Alerts: TradingView allows users to set up alerts based on various criteria such as price levels, indicator values, and custom conditions. This feature ensures that traders never miss a trading opportunity.

d. Social trading: TradingView’s social trading feature lets users share their ideas, follow other traders, and learn from the community. This collaborative environment helps users improve their trading strategies.


Coinigy is a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform that offers a wide range of features to help traders manage their digital assets. It supports over 45 exchanges and provides advanced charting tools, making it a popular choice among cryptocurrency traders.

Key features of Coinigy include:

a. Portfolio management: Coinigy allows users to track their digital assets across multiple exchanges and wallets in a single, unified interface. This simplifies portfolio management and makes it easier to monitor overall performance.

b. Trading tools: Coinigy offers advanced charting tools with more than 75 technical indicators, custom alerts, and the ability to place trades directly from the platform. This makes it a one-stop solution for cryptocurrency traders.

c. News and research: Coinigy’s news aggregator collects the latest cryptocurrency news from various sources, keeping users informed about market developments. It also provides research tools such as historical price data and market depth analysis.

d. Security: Coinigy places a strong emphasis on security, using encrypted communication and two-factor authentication to protect user accounts.


CryptoAlerts is a specialized cryptocurrency scanner that focuses on providing real-time alerts and notifications based on user-defined criteria. It helps traders stay on top of market movements and capitalize on trading opportunities as they arise.

Key features of CryptoAlerts include:

a. Custom alerts: CryptoAlerts allows users to set up custom alerts based on various parameters, such as price, volume, and percentage change. Users can also choose from a range of pre-set alerts for popular cryptocurrencies.

b. Real-time notifications: Alerts are delivered in real-time via multiple channels, including email, SMS, and push notifications. This ensures that users are always aware of significant market movements.

c. Mobile app: CryptoAlerts offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices, enabling users to receive notifications and monitor their alerts on the go.

d. Integration with popular exchanges: CryptoAlerts can be integrated with leading cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users to execute trades directly from the platform.


Nomics is a cryptocurrency data platform that provides market data, historical price information, and comprehensive API services. Its scanner functionality helps users identify potential trading opportunities and track market trends efficiently.

Key features of Nomics include:

a. Market data: Nomics offers real-time market data for thousands of cryptocurrencies, including price, volume, and market capitalization. Users can filter and sort this data based on various parameters to identify potential investment opportunities.

b. Historical data: Nomics provides historical price and market data for cryptocurrencies, enabling users to conduct in-depth analysis and backtest their trading strategies. This information is particularly useful for understanding past market behavior and anticipating future trends.

c. Customizable alerts: Nomics allows users to create custom alerts based on specific price levels, percentage changes, or market capitalization thresholds. These alerts can be delivered via email or webhook, ensuring that traders stay informed about critical market movements.

d. API services: Nomics offers a powerful API that provides access to its extensive cryptocurrency data. Developers can use this API to integrate Nomics data into their own applications, websites, or trading tools.


CoinMarketAlert is a specialized cryptocurrency scanner that focuses on delivering timely alerts and notifications to keep traders and investors informed about the market. It offers a wide range of alert types, including price, volume, market cap, and news-based alerts.

Key features of CoinMarketAlert include:

a. Price alerts: CoinMarketAlert allows users to set up price alerts for specific cryptocurrencies. These alerts can be triggered by absolute price levels or percentage changes, helping users stay on top of price movements.

b. Volume alerts: Users can also set up alerts for significant changes in trading volume. This feature can help traders identify breakouts and other trading opportunities that may result from increased market activity.

c. Market cap alerts: CoinMarketAlert offers market cap alerts, which notify users when the market capitalization of a particular cryptocurrency reaches a specific threshold. This feature can be useful for tracking the growth and relative importance of specific digital assets.

d. News alerts: CoinMarketAlert aggregates the latest news from various sources and allows users to set up news-based alerts. This feature helps users stay informed about important developments and events that may impact the cryptocurrency market.


Cryptocurrency scanners are indispensable tools for traders and investors looking to navigate the dynamic and volatile world of digital assets. The top 5 cryptocurrency scanners discussed in this article—TradingView, Coinigy, CryptoAlerts, Nomics, and CoinMarketAlert—each offer unique features and capabilities that cater to different needs and preferences. By leveraging these powerful tools, users can stay informed, make more informed decisions, and ultimately, maximize their trading and investment performance.

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