What are Bitcoin Faucets?


Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin Faucet is a kind of website that gives Bitcoin to their users. You can build a faucet and then place it on a website. The faucet owners get money through placing the advertisements on these highly engaging websites. 

Once you acquire a Bitcoin account, you can build on it through installing a bitcoin Faucet WordPress log in.  The amount of money given to the individual users can vary from as small as 100 satoshis to 10000 satoshis. Upon receipt of the coins, you have to wait until you can ask for another batch.

A faucet earns someone money through internet traffic and making them click on the advertisement. The traffic is obtained through a referral system.  Faucets earn a given amount of money to the visitors that they bring on the website.

The success of this method led to the creation of Bitcoin faucet rotator. A rotator site allows you to surf through different sites without necessarily opening a new tab.  Inside the faucet rotator, there are links. Each time you visit the rotator site; its owners earn coins. In order to generate substantial revenue, you will need a lot of traffic on your site.

For beginners, you can choose to either build your own website or buy an already existing one. The lean technology advocates that someone only uses what is deemed profitable.

So building a website might be a bit tricky. An already established website has a record of its performance. Building faucets and driving traffic to it is not hard. Also, try out different payment methods to drive traffic to settle on the most profitable model. 

As a website owner, start out by paying small amounts of cash to faucet owners. Larger time intervals may prove better for your website ratings. Remember to avoid all manners of Bitcoins that may destroy your profitability. Try giving high referral awards to gain more traffic on your website.

The entire process will take less than twenty minutes and cost about $4 if you are using Bluehost. To start with, get a domain name.  Then place your faucet under your server. Namecheap, Godaddy, and Bluehost provide domain names.

The second step entails setting up hosting. Bluehost is a cheap hosting company. It allows installment of plugins. After hosting, install wordpress on it. Thirdly, download the bitcoins faucet plugin and ensure it is activated.

The fourth step entails getting a faucet wallet such as epay and faucet hub for making various transactions.  Set up the account plugins such as faucet, payment tab and general tab. The account needs funding before any transaction brings additional money. 

The two main ways you can make money is through building ads as well as the development of referral links. Faucet rotators can help in building more traffic.

 In conclusion, ensure that you protect your website from spammers and from malicious IP addresses. Do not deposit large amounts of money in your faucet as spammers may hack into it and claim the Bitcoins.

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