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How To Start A Profitable Vending Machine Business

Vending Machine Business Ultimate Guide

Ads for vending machines for sale are not something that you would regularly find in the classifieds. However, there are many of opportunities to buy different types of vending machines available online. Some of these even have established routes, which means that you can literally walk into an established vending machine business. The seller will also give you the details on where and how to get the supplies you need. By looking over the financial records you can see briefly how you can make money when there are vending machines for sale.

When you want to buy vending machines, you should look at the used vending machines for sale. This will cut down substantially on your initial investment. If you buy the machines from a person retiring from the vending machine business, more than likely you will need to have all the money upfront. If you buy the vending machines from a company, there is a good chance that you can lease the equipment or make monthly payments. Then you have the money you need to purchase the vending machine supplies you need to make a second income.

Most people that get started in the vending machine business do so to generate a second income. With a few vending machines, you can set up a route so that you visit the machines on weekends of even after work. You will need to find a supplier that can sell you the supplies you need in bulk and at a price with which you can make a high profit. Vending machine supplies are relatively inexpensive, but you may need to have a part of your home that you use for storage. Used vending machines for sale offer the best way to get started, but you do need to make sure the machines are working properly so that you won’t have to spend money in costly repairs.

Contact a vending machine distributor to see what vending machines he/she has for sale. This will give you a good idea of how much money you will need to buy vending machines. All the machines are in different price ranges. For example, candy vending machines for sale are a lot cheaper than snack or beverage vending machines. The distributor may or may not be able to sell you the vending machine supplies, but he/she will certainly be able to recommend places where you can buy your supplies.

When you see vending machines for sale, the ones that appeal to you will depend on how you want to proceed in the vending machine business. If you only want to generate a small income on the side, you might only buy vending machines for dispensing candy. As you get used to the business, though, you will probably expand and buy several larger machines. Usually the companies that sell the vending machines also sell the vending machine supplies or you may be able to work out a deal with a wholesaler in your area. Whichever machines you decide to go with, there is no doubt that you can make money when you find vending machines for sale.

Vending machines are extremely popular. There are also photo booth vending machines, which are quite a hit amongst the youngsters. You can buy snacks and beverages, as well as newspapers from vending machines. This newspaper machine is also called a Vending Box, where many identical newspapers are piled up. Once a sale has been completed, the door returns to a locked position on its own. You can just open the box and take all the newspapers or leave all the newspapers outside the box for others. You may also put the door to an unlatched position slowly or block the door from fully closing. This machine is set up assuming that the customers are honest and pick up only the newspaper they have paid for. Hence, the name “Honor Box”.

The items sold in vending machines depend on country to country. Some countries do sell alcoholic beverages like beer, where in some countries this is not allowed. Even cigarettes were sold on a large scale in the U.S before, but now we rarely find them due to concerns about under aged buyers. You can only buy when you insert a pass in the machine to prove your age, though in some European country’s cigarette machines are still common.

Types of vending machines:

Some of the popular ones are:

– Bulk candy and gum ball vending machines: These machines are completely mechanical, where you can get candies, a bouncy ball, or a small toy or jewelry, for one or two coins. The items you get would be purely by chance, as the items may be unsorted. The machines are cheaper compared to soft drink or snack machines. Many operators, to save the money to pay for the locations, they donate a percentage of the profits to charity.

– Full line vending machines: Here you can buy cans or bottles of soft drinks and snacks. As the demand for drinks and snacks are high, these machines have the advantage that many locations contact a vending company themselves, and request for installation of a machine.

– Specialized vending machines: These are the machines that you find in ladies restrooms to buy pads or tampons, and in men’s restrooms the most common is condoms, though in some places you can also find medicines and dispensing cologne machines.


It is advisable to periodically clean refrigeration condensers, lubricate mechanical parts, and adjust the machines to avoid any problems. In case the machine breaks down, vending machine repairers fix the obvious problems, like loose electrical wires, malfunctions of the coin mechanism, and leaks. However, if it’s a major problem, then testing devices such as electrical circuit testers are to be used to find defective parts, and the defective part is either fixed or replaced. While servicing, a circuit board or other component is only replaced. These repairers employed by small companies, fill and fix machines on a regular basis. They collect money, fill coin and currency changers, and repair machines when necessary.

Who owns these machines?

These vending machines in the U.S are mostly operated either by store owners or by individuals, who buy the machines or rent them. They stock the merchandise and share a certain percentage of the profits. The vending machine businesses operated by these individuals are broadly categorized into two; bulk candy, and soft drink/snack vending. There are also other machines like U.S. Postal Service machines which are maintained by governmental or quasi-governmental entities. Whatever the type of independent vending operation, the entrepreneur must play the active role of a salesman in persuading locations to accept the machine.

You can find a vending machine supplier for just about any product under the sun that you want to sell through your vending machines. When you are getting started in this business it is best to try to find a unique product that you know customers want to buy. Cold food is one of the hottest items on the market today because people like to get something quick from a vending machine when they don’t have time for a sit-down lunch. Cookies are another option that you can keep in mind when looking for a vending machine supplier.

A vending machine supplier usually has a vending machine program from which you can learn the basics of getting started in the vending machine business. In such a program you can learn about the pros and cons of the cold food vending machine or whether you should start off with something small, such as a candy vending machine. You can opt for full service when you buy a vending machine. Cold food vending machine suppliers will assume the costs of the machine and servicing for a monthly commission.

You can also buy or rent your cold food vending machine from a distributor and then look for a vending machine supplier for the products that you want to sell. You can even do this yourself if you sell cold sandwiches, for example. It will require more work on your part, but you can make the sandwiches yourself for the vending machine. Cold food sells well where there are places where people often pick up a sandwich from the vending machine as a snack to tide them over until mealtime.

A cold food vending machine has a glass front so that the customers can see the full range of products inside. It is about the size of a refrigerator and needs electricity, so you do need to have a large area available when you want to place this type of vending machine. Cold food that you can look at including in this type of machine includes sandwiches, but there are many other types of cold food that you can buy from a vending machine supplier. These include such things as cookies, donuts, fruit juice, small containers of fruit and even yogurt.

A vending machine supplier sells in bulk. In general, you need to buy cases of the products, so this means you need to have a cooled area in which you store them. When you visit each of the cold food vending machines on your route, you should have a sample of all the products with you so that you can restock the ones that have sold out. It is important to check these vending machines on a regular basis so that the cold food is always fresh and not out of date. Therefore it is important to buy your products from a reputable vending machine supplier that has a best before date well in advance of when you make your purchase.

A vending machine manufacturer is the company that makes a specific type of vending machine. You will not come across manufacturers of several different types of vending machines, such as gumball machines and drink machines. Therefore when you want to get started in the vending machine business, it is best to work through a vending machine distributor. The distributor purchases the machines you want from each vending machine manufacturer to offer you a selection of machines for your route.

Most people start out in the vending machine business start out with one or two gumball machines. This gives them an idea of whether they can survive in this type of business and the kind of money that they can make if they decide to expand. You will need to find a reputable vending machine manufacturer that makes coin-operated gumball machines. A gumball machine manufacturer usually has several different designs of machines for you to choose from.

Doing an online search is the easiest way to find a vending machine manufacturer with the type of machines that you want for your business. Usually a gumball machine manufacturer also has vending machines for selling all kinds of candy, small toys in bubbles and dried fruits and nuts. You can choose a gumball machine that dispenses one bubblegum, one candy or a handful of candies. You can also get these machines from which you can sell packages of candy.

The gumball machine manufacturer you choose can preset the vending machine to whatever price you want to charge for your product. When you purchase the machine from a vending machine manufacturer, you also get a warranty for a specified period of time so that if anything goes wrong, the repairs won’t cost you any money. Along with the purchase of a vending machine, the manufacturer will provide you with an instruction manual so that you know exactly how to refill the gumball machine and how to make any minor repairs on your own. The warranty is something that you do have to really look at when you are investing in vending machines.

Although it is best for you to deal with a distributor, you need to do your homework about the vending machine manufacturer to make sure that this company does make good machines. The distributor will also help you install the vending machines, so you are not left completely out in the cold when you are trying to get your vending machine business off the ground. A vending machine manufacturer only makes the machines it will not help you get the best locations. That is also an important step in having a successful business.

Vending machine distributors are an especially important part of getting started in the vending machine business. Distributors are the people from whom you can buy the vending machines. A distributor buys the machines from a vending machine manufacturer and can be a single person or a large company. This is another way that you can get started in this type of business by becoming a distributor. Vending machine distributors can also make a lot of money, but the investment needed is much higher.

Distributors of vending machines work in close conjunction with vending machine manufacturers. This allows them to form close relationships so that a vending machine manufacturer distributor has access to the latest models of vending machines that come on the market. Vending machine distributors deal in all types of machines and if they don’t have the specific one you want; they have the means of getting the machines you want available to them. It is a lot easier to work with a vending machine distributor to get the machines you want than to try to search for each type individually.

Since vending machine distributors are important to manufacturers, the manufacturers of vending machines go out of their way to accommodate a distributor that has become an important client. You benefit from working through a vending machine manufacturer distributor because you reap the savings through getting a better price on the machines. Distributors sell both new and used vending machines, offering you different price ranges. These used machines are refurbished, which means that they have been completely overhauled and are as good as new.

When you are looking for vending machine distributors, you do need to look at how they conduct their business. A vending machine manufacturer distributor that doesn’t seem to be organized probably would not be the best one to deal with if you are new to the vending machine business. Distributors of vending machines do need to have a complete account of what machines they sell and should be able to offer you valuable advice about how to succeed in this business.

Vending machine distributors often sell the bulk products that you need for your machines. You can take advantage of a combination package by buying the vending machines and the products in a package deal to save money. Quite often the distributors of vending machines can put you in contact with a person who is selling an established route. This means that the vending machines are already in place. Vending machine distributors will also be able to give you advice about the best locations for you to place your machines.