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Travel insurance could become compulsory to visit Thailand

That’s because Thai tourism officials are pushing forward with a proposal to require all visitors to Thailand to obtain travel insurance before entering the country.

Apparently our misadventures in the South East Asian country are costing local hospitals a fortune.

Officials at the Ministry of Tourism and Sports are deliberating over the proposal raised in a meeting last week to make the insurance compulsory.

According to Jaturon Phakdeewanit, director of the Tourism Safety and Security Standards, visitors without travel insurance have cost Thailand at least 3 billion baht ($A117 million) a year for their medical treatments at state hospitals.


“We need to push this through as soon as possible because the problem is becoming more serious,” he said.

Government officials will be discussing with tourism operators about the best approach to implement the new rule, before submitting the proposal to the cabinet for approval.

Travel insurance documents will likely be inspected at immigration counters upon arrival, as many visitors do not need visa to enter the country.

Travel insurance policies can cover you for unexpected accidents or illness, lost luggage, theft, personal liability and unforeseen trip cancellation.


The cost of purchasing insurance can vary greatly depending on a range of factors such as age, itinerary and level of cover, but according to a guide on CompareTravelInsurance.com.au, a policy for a person aged around 30-years-old travelling to Thailand for a one-week holiday could cost anywhere from $30 to $250.

Tourism is a major industry in Thailand, with more than 14 million people visiting the country since January 1, generating $US20.5 billion ($A27.4 billion) dollars in revenue.





Why Thailand Still Lives Up To The Hype For Young Budget Travelers

If Southeast Asia is on your bucket list, Thailand is (still, after all these years) your perfect place to start. The tourism-boosted nation is a friend to all foreigners but particularly the young. Low prices and laid-back hospitality make it a natural destination of easygoing backpackers and a prime spot to hit in your 20s.

The tropical beaches, ornate temples, elephants, and full moon parties will never go out of style, but we’ve got five more reasons you should put this country on your itinerary ASAP.

Thailand is cheap. Like, eat on $4 a day cheap. Only unlike your budget-conscious Europe backpacking trip, you won’t be living off kabobs while gazing through the windows of Michelin star restaurants like Oliver Twist. If you’ve seen Anthony Bourdain and Andy Ricker do Chiang Mai you already know that you’ll eat your best meals in a plastic chair on a street corner. Also, Thailand is one of the best countries in Asia to live that hostel life.

Also, the flights can be incredibly cheap with a little planning. Right now the US dollar is strong. Book it!

If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt underdressed, it probably wasn’t in Thailand. The humidity doesn’t care how chic you are, so get comfortable with being sweaty and leave the hair dryer at home. Dress codes are relaxed and since most places with request the removal of your shoes upon entrance, there’s no reason not to wear sandals.

Do bring some modest clothes, though.

Pad thai, curry, mango sticky rice and thai iced tea all live up to the hype in Thailand but be sure to stray from your favorite take-out order to take full advantage of your meals. Khao Soi, a traditional Laos dish popular in Northern Thailand, is not to be missed and drunk food hits its peak perfection with “pancakes” made from roti dough in sweet options like bananas and nutella or savory ham and cheese.

Food is the ultimate opportunity to get off the beaten path so when possible, have a local order for you and don’t ask what kind of meat it is until after you’ve eaten! Try things, experiment, take a class!


Why Thailand Still Lives Up To The Hype For Young Budget Travelers