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How to Make Money with Snapchat

Snapchat is a new social media platform with billions of dollars in valuation (so it is safe to say that it is here to stay). It was released in 2011 and like almost every other app; it allows users to send videos and photos to followers. What sets it apart is the fact that messages you send disappear within ten seconds. 

With many more features being introduced—like the Discover feature or the live feature that allows users in a certain event or city to crowdsource their snaps—Snapchat gets more interesting by the day. 

So how do you make money?

The moment you sign up, Snapchat asks you if you would like to automatically add everyone who is in your contact list that has a Snapchat account. Accept and add them all; if you like, you can unfollow them later. Most people will add you if you first add them. Follow anyone you like; there are no negative implications as in Twitter or Facebook. 

When creating content, there are important points to note;

•    First, consistency is key. Snap multiple times a day. You cannot afford to rest. People should get used to your content; let it be a daily dose. 

•    Combine personality marketing with niche content. Snapchat allows you to market your products and your personality. Show people what you are selling through demos and testimonials but also show them who you are in real life.

•    Take advantage of what has been tried and tested. Attractive women and animals are more likely to drive engagement than anything else. 

•    Pay for shoutouts. You can always tell some of your followers to give you a shout out either by posting your photo or video. In some instances, this is free, but for people with hundreds of followers, you have to make it worth their while. 

•    Post your Snapcode on every platform. This is so easy and fun. Post your code on any site and someone gets to add you by taking a photo of the code.

•    Get live. Turn on Snapchat’s location for a chance to be included in the live story in case it is happening in your area. But turn this feature off for security purposes if you do not feel safe. 

Nobody likes to miss out. Tap into this fear of missing out by offering a discount in a snap that disappears in 10seconds. You can create a discount page on your site, such as yourweb.com/Snapchat and send a snap video describing the discount. Do not forget to write the URL on the video and let them know it will expire in, maybe an hour—and take it down in an hour.

Snapcash, joint with PayPal, lets you send money to friends but you can use it for sales. Take a snap of your product and make sure it is really cool and send it. If anyone seems interested, offer to sell it to them right there on the spot through Snapcash.

When your audience trusts you, recommend products for them. If you land a nice company like FitTealife that pays $1 for every view, then you could be looking at a revenue source.

Snapchat is amazing and has so many young users. There are a lot of cool things you can sell to them.