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Power-Season 4 – Episode 10 “You Can’t Fix “

50 Cent Says Starz Thinks He Leaked The Remaining Episodes Of ‘Power’

Someone who obviously doesn’t have the jedi force in ‘em broke into the Starz mainframe last week and leaked the remaining episodes of Power Season Four. Said person then posted the poor quality episodes to their Facebook page ruining it for everyone.

Starz announced they’re prepared to take legal action against the evil dooer, but let Power executive producer 50 Cent tell it, execs think the job was done from someone in house.


“Starz thinks I leaked my own show,” Fif captioned on his Instagram page. “Anyway, if you have On Demand catch Power tonight 12:00AM. If not, Sunday 9:00PM it is LOL”

The network which is home to the Courtney A. Kemp scripted drama has not publicly addressed Fif’s comments, and for all we know Mr. Jackson could very well be trying to turn a horrible public blunder into a possible win by drumming up more excitement for the remainder of the season.

According to Fif, the reason for the accusations are allegedly because the network thinks he’s trying to follow suit with another show who experienced the same bad luck.


“They know I know when Game of Thrones leaked they had a spike in ratings, so they looking at me side eyed. LOL,” 50 Cent wrote to a fan.

Mr. Jackson wants to win, this we know, but to do so at the expense of his own show?  We can’t call it, but what do you think? Sound off in the comments.



Starz Pledges “Legal Action” Against ‘Power’ Leaker; Posted Episodes Online

“The final three episodes of Power’s fourth season were leaked online due to a breach of the press screening room,” said Starz in a statement Wednesday. “This seems to be a case of password sharing that resulted in homemade videos of the episodes which were taped off a TV screen and posted online,” the home of Power, Outlander and American Gods adds. “Starz has begun forensic investigations and will take legal action against the responsible parties.”


That action may not be so hard to take against said responsive parties, as the leaker filmed the episodes off a phone and post them on his personal social media with commentary – so not exactly a criminal mastermind of Ghost or Kanan proportions at work here. By the way, even with the big HBO hack and the leak out of an Indian distributor of the August 6 episode of GoT last week, the David Benioff and D.B. Weiss EP’d show based on George R.R. Martin’s books actually went up to a series viewership high.

The Omari Hardwick, Lela Loren, Joseph Sikora, Naturi Naughton and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson starring Power started its current season strong on June 25 with steady linear viewing and big numbers via Starz’s much promoted app. Already renewed for a Season 5 when it got the Season 4 pick-up in July 2016, the show’s fourth season wraps up on September 3.

Power S3 2016


Starz Pledges “Legal Action” Against ‘Power’ Leaker; Posted Episodes Online

Power recap: ‘Things Are Going to Get Worse’

Ghost, back at it with the white Vans, hovers over the toilet in his jail cell. He’s hurting, physically and mentally, after being denied bail, and we’re seeing the aftermath of the guards beating him down. He’s limping; there’s blood. It’s bad. Proctor pays his client a visit and suggests that Ghost keep a low profile. Behind bars, he’s no longer Ghost — he’s James St. Patrick. I’ll take the family man alter ego for $1,000, Alex.

James’ kids, though, are butting heads about their father. Raina believes her father is innocent, while bratty Tariq thinks he did it, no thanks to Kanan. At this point, Tariq is over his parents and doesn’t trust them, leading him to look to Kanan as a father figure. I can’t wait to see Tariq’s face when he finds out he’s being used as a pawn. (No new friends, Tariq. No new friends.) Tasha, trying to keep the kids in line, takes them to school and gives them a pep talk: They shouldn’t discuss their father with anyone or call him Ghost. Tasha tries to get Tariq to talk and asks him about Kanan, which will come back to bite her later. I think he’ll be the first to turn, but don’t let me speak too soon.


Keisha, meanwhile, runs up into Tommy’s place, demanding that he and Tasha remove their names from the shop. She wants her life back, and she deserves it. Although Tommy shuts that idea down, he assures her she’s safe. We saw what happened to Holly, but something’s telling me this will end differently. And here’s something I don’t think anyone saw coming: Later, Tommy and Keisha hook up. Yes, I know. Keisha feels like Tommy’s the best thing that’s come out of all of this, but both of them agree to keep it hush around Tasha, as they should. We’ll have to revisit this one; I’m still not sure how I feel about them.

Angela is pretty much Hester Prynne in her office, as she overhears her colleagues plotting to exploit her sexual relationship with both Knox and James as an angle for the trial. She interrupts the festivities when her fave, John Maks, interrogates her about her relationships with James and Knox as if she’s on the stand — where everyone agrees she shouldn’t be called. Anyway, introducing the love triangle discredits their office since they all knew about it.



‘Power’ Season 4 Premiere Viewership Steady With 2016, Starz App Use Surges

On linear television, the “When I Get Out” episode of the Courtney Kemp-created drama executive produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson certainly was down from the dizzying heights of its Season 3 debut on July 17, 2016. Partially facing the first part of the BET Awards, the 9 PM ET Season 4 premiere of Power snagged 1.68 million viewers and a 3.2 rating among adults 18-49. That’s a 26% drop from the “Call Me James” Season 3 opener and a 20% downturn in the demo.

However, across all platforms and plays, Power Season 4 opener dipped just 9% in overall viewership from the Season 3 debut total to 3.26 million — which makes it the second-best Starz season debut ever. The Season 3 premiere of Power was and remains Starz’s best original series season debut numbers ever and the most-watched episode of any Starz original.


Taking the series starring Omari Hardwick, Lela Loren and Naturi Naughton off the traditional small screen, Starz and Power established some records with the Season 4 debut. As it has in the recent past with other high-profiles show, the Lionsgate-owned premium cabler offered the opening episode of Power Season 4 almost a day early on the Starz app and on Starz On Demand.

Going live at 12:01 AM on June 25, Power’s latest season opener hit a new premiere high for the app with 830,000 total plays – a big jump from Season 3’s results.

In perhaps an even greater indication of where the audience is and how to find it, Starz OTT subscriber sign-ups shot up nearly 150% over Power’s then-record Season 3 opening weekend subscriptions – which for a premium cabler is all about not leaving any viewer or money on the table.


‘Power’ Season 4 Premiere Viewership Steady With 2016, Starz App Use Surges

Power Season 4 Premiere Recap

When he’s done coughing up blood and writhing in agony, Ghost may appreciate the irony at work in Power‘s Season 4 premiere.

After all, the drug kingpin murders with impunity, then gets thrown behind bars for the one killing he didn’t commit? It’s poetic. It’s a comeuppance. It’s… kind of an ish-show for pretty much all the characters we’ve come to know over the past three seasons.

And how, exactly, does James St. Patrick fare once he dons the jumpsuit? What about Tasha? Tommy? Angela? Find out as we recap “When I Get Out.”

LOCKED UP | Though Tasha’s frantically trying to contact her husband, trying to let him know about the ransom text she got regarding Tariq, Ghost uses his only phone call to talk to his lawyer, Joe Proctor. “Keep your mouth and sphincter shut,” Proctor advises, then loops Tasha in on everything that’s happened. When Proctor goes to the jail, Ghost maintains his innocence, but the lawyer points out that there’s some DNA evidence they’ll have to contend with. That’s when Ghost admits to being in the apartment in his ill-fated attempt to find Greg’s button recording.


“I need my kids to know I didn’t do this,” Ghost asserts, but Proctor says their more immediate concern is getting him out on bail. Until then, he advises, Ghost needs to act like the upstanding businessman he wants everyone to think he is. You’re James St. Patrick, he says, “and you wouldn’t know what to do with a gun if it fell in your lap.”

OH, YOU FANCY NOW? | Off a tip from Dre, Kanan lets Tariq go, playing off the whole thing as though the kid fell asleep and they “joked” with Tasha about the ransom. He gives the teen a burner phone and says he can’t say anything about who he’s really been hanging out with, so when Dre brings the boy home, Tariq lies and says he was with some friends. Tommy knows something’s up, and he suspects Dre is lying about how he found ‘Riq, but there are bigger problems at hand.

Meanwhile, Dre thinks he’s hot stuff, so he offers to cut Kanan in on Ghost’s business at the club, so now he’s secretly delivering $45,000 a week to Kanan, Jukebox and that crew. Because that’s going to end well.

BACK TO LIFE, BACK TO REALITY | Meanwhile, Tommy visits an undisclosed location and tells LaKeisha (!), who is very much alive, that Milan is no longer a problem and she can go home. She thanks him for keeping her safe, and he reminds her that Tasha can’t know that he hid her. Raise your hand if you kinda thought Tommy killed her…?

Later, during a meeting with everyone, Tommy brushes off concerns about Ghost’s legal woes and tells everyone that Milan is gone and he’s the new connect. Julio, by the way, is now distro (much to Dre’s dismay). Other than that, “It’s business as usual,” he reassures the crew.

TASHA IN TURMOIL | Tasha holds it together while the Feds — including a sad and unmoored Angela — search her apartment, even managing to come up with a couple of snarky barbs while facing down her husband’s former mistress. When Angela notes that Ghost was sleeping in the office, and not in Tasha’s bed, Mrs. St. Patrick shoots back, “”I was worried he might transfer bed bugs from your place.” (Ha.)

But Tasha’s real problems start when Proctor advises her to pull together $2 million in clean money so they can bail Ghost out of jail. “Bags of untraceable cash won’t cut it,” he says. “”How much do you know about us?” she replies, eyes narrowed. (Ha again!) But in her search, Tasha realizes that Ghost already sold all their stock and emptied anything of value from their safe-deposit box. At this moment, I’d say Ghost is probably lucky he’s nowhere near his spitting-mad bride.

But in the end, it doesn’t matter anyway: A sharp new Eastern District Assistant U.S. Attorny named John Mak takes over prosecution duties, and he convinces the judge to deny Ghost bail. “You can’t think I did this,” Ghost says to Angie on his way out of the courtroom. “You’re right, Jamie. I know you did it,” she replies, deadpan.


Once he’s back at the jail, two guards take Ghost to a secluded section and give him a welcome home gift: a swift, brutal beating with their billy clubs.



<I>Power</I> Season 4 Premiere Recap: Orange Is the New Whack

50 Cent’s ‘Power’ Is the No. 2 Show on Premium Cable

With the fourth season of Power set to premiere next month on Starz, the show is celebrating good news today (May 15). According to Deadline, Power is the No. 2 show on premium cable behind HBO’s mythical series Game of Thrones, which is at the top.

50 went on his Instagram page to announce the news but also vow to gain new viewers this season and become the top show on premium cable next year. “This season I will gain viewer ship and POWER will be #1,” he wrote. “Game of Thrones is great, but POWER is Raw, pure uncut this Season.”

From the looks of the trailer the fourth season of Power is going to be intense. The show’s creator, executive producer and showrunner, Courtney A. Kemp, recently signed a new overall deal with Lionsgate and Starz. Not only will Kemp oversee Power she will also developed new shows for Starz in the future.

JCPenney and Michael Strahan Launch Collection by Michael Strahan

“Courtney A. Kemp is the complete showrunner package, and we’re thrilled to continue collaborating with such a creative talent and outstanding producer,” said Starz president and CEO Chris Albrecht in a statement.

It’s no secret that Power is a juggernaut program for Starz. The third season of Power delivered a record 8 million multi-platform viewers per episode, according to the network. The series has already been picked up for a fifth season as well.

In the meantime, the 10-episode fourth season of Power returns on June 25 starting at 12:01AM via the STARZ app and On Demand. The network’s cable premiere will be at its regularly-scheduled time of 9PM ET on Starz.


Read More: 50 Cent’s ‘Power’ Is the No. 2 Show on Premium Cable | http://theboombox.com/50-cents-power-no-2-show-premium-cable-after-game-of-thrones/?trackback=tsmclip