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Mobile Apps and E-Commerce

Several years ago, mobile apps were regarded as expensive. Today, developing them has become cheaper, and you can find an app for just about anything. There are retail apps, e-commerce apps, and business among others. Today’s markets are quite dynamic. Shopping with smartphones has become the norm in most countries. 

E-commerce businesses rely heavily on mobile apps to find new customers and market their brands. A significant percentage of the world’s population owns smartphones, and most of them spend their time on apps.

So what are the advantages of e-commerce apps?

Having an ecommerce app is not the only guarantee of profit. It is simply a tool to improve your customers’ experiences and engage them. If you have a business, you should have an app as well. 

Most of the websites now have mobile versions. However mobile devices load search results and data faster with apps. Moreover, apps do not require pulling data from a server, and so browsing and purchasing products is faster for customers.

 M-commerce revenue keeps rising every year, and it might hit $150 billion in 2017. Amazon, being the biggest retail app, went from 43 million to 67 million customers in only two years. When customers have a comfortable experience, they make repeated purchases increasing a business’s sales.

Many people already know how tablets and smartphones work so they can easily find the products they need. Customers share their shopping experiences with friends and sometimes also ask community shopaholics for shopping advice. When the experiences are positive the conversion rate increases, and you will have new customers.

Make your online app convenient, exclusive, fast, interactive and more importantly, simple.   Let the buying process on your app be as simple as possible and add features like discounts, notifications among others to keep your customers happy. You will retain almost all your clients and even gain more.

You can’t do this with a website.  Even sending emails about seasonal sales and new products cannot compare with customer notifications through apps. Push notifications have the advantage of being instant and noticeable. 

You can alert shoppers when their parcel(s) will arrive, rewards, offers and shopping recommendations. 

A mobile app helps you deliver personalized content to your customers based on their shopping patterns and individual preferences. The app gathers customer data and recommends items to them. 

Tailored content ensures better engagement with customers which equals higher customer loyalty.

For a prosperous business, you have to know your clients. User analytics can be set within the app to know the sex, age and shopping history of a customer. Understanding your customers helps you to serve them better and learn trends. 

Having a mobile app significantly reduces your marketing costs. If your app is integrated into social media satisfied customers will spread the word. When your app has grown, you can place ads there and earn revenue.

It is easier to create and maintain an app than any other selling point. Apps reduce costs, and they are more efficient in marketing which means improved business productivity.

Incorporating GPS locators in your app helps users to find your store in a shorter time.  You can easily create route pointers to direct customers straight to your store. If you do this, expect higher purchases. Besides, it is a great experience for your clients. 

Online shopping apps are convenient, which is one reason why everyone loves them. Overall benefits to users include;

•    Smart shopping—businesses can provide users with relevant content according to their shopping preferences.  Apps also help users shop at physical stores and push notifications alert them on special deals. 

•    Faster buying process—there is no need to go to the store and wait in line. 

•    The power of social media—incorporating these apps into social media is a great marketing strategy, and it exposes your business to more potential customers.

•    Tracking stores—you can find a store’s location by logging in their app and following route pointers.

M-commerce and mobile apps are always expanding. With billions of people spending most of their time online, there is no better place to look for customers. Marketing has been made easier and more efficient.

Ensuring customer satisfaction was a challenge until mobile apps came along. What else would customers want if not straightforward and convenient shopping?

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