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The Complete Guide to Advertising on Instagram

How to Get More Followers on Instagram: 13 Reliable Ways to Grow Your Audience

You want to regularly engage the audience you already have and get more followers. To engage your current followers, post engaging photos. If you want more people to follow you, use the most popular hashtags.

The Right Filters

Some filters are more favored by Instagram users more than others. Use the preferred filters to make your followers more interested. 

These are the most popular filters:

  • Normal (No Filter)
  • Clarendon
  • Juno
  • Lark
  • Ludwig
  • Gingham
  • Valencia
  • X-Pro II
  • Lo-Fi
  • Amaro

The Right Times

Trial and error is the best approach here. What has worked before? What has not worked? The IconoSquare optimization section gives detailed information of your posting history and engagement. The report will also tell you the best times to post. 

Steal Followers from Your Competitor

Look for your competitors’ accounts on Instagram and engage with your audience. The fact that they follow that account means that they are interested in your products or products similar to yours. 

  • Follow them
  • Like their photo
  • Comment on their photo

Pay for Product Reviews and Sponsored Posts

This tactic may not be free but it can yield amazing results when used properly. Create a list of powerful; accounts in your niche. They should have a large following and an email address somewhere in their profile. Ask them, via email, what they charge for sponsored posts. 

Use Geotags

Tag your location (where the video/photo was taken or your current location). Locations have the advantage of a specified Instagram feed and Story. If you are a local business, this feature may be very useful for your business. Do not forget to engage with posts of people in the same location.

Organize Your Store

When someone visits your Instagram profile, you have a few seconds to convince them to hit the follow button. The “Highlights” feature gives a quick idea of what your brand is about. 

Request for More Followers

Do not shy away from asking people to follow you. Promise more amazing content. Incorporate the request into your posts or captions. Give a hint of something exciting that is coming up. 

Hop on Trends

Be on the lookout for trending hashtags or topics and align your content with that. Take advantage of holidays. Find relevant conversations and contribute in a meaningful way. 

Run a Giveaway

Having a user tag a friend under your post has a number of benefits. Running giveaways encourages followers to tag their friends who will, in turn, follow you.

Be Consistent

Publishing consistently entices new followers. When people land on your profile, they should be assured of regular exciting content. 

Monitor Your Following

Use Social Blade (it is free) to see how your following is growing. If you run a Business account, you will have an Instagram Analytics dashboard. You will get free valuable insight. 

Make Use of Instagram Tools

There are so many tools at your disposal for use in your Instagram strategy. Here are some of the most useful ones:

  • Later
  • IconoSquare
  • Webstagram

How to Find and Reach Your Target Audience on Instagram

For your Instagram marketing strategy to succeed, you have to know your target audience well. You need to understand their motivation and interests to create content that is engaging. It is also important to know when they are online.

This post will help you with that.

Find and Research Your Target Audience

Larger Personas

You might want to start here. You have probably defined buyer personas for your business already. Instead of reinventing the wheel, use that information and define your business’s Instagram target audience. 

What are you selling and how is it supposed to help your customer? What does your customer look like? 

Competitive Insight

To get more useful information about your target audience, take a look at a competitor’s Instagram page. Check their posts and followers. While doing this, see if you can find missing audience segments. 

Make use of tools like Phlanx Influencer Auditor.

Existing Demographics Data

Your Instagram analytics are more useful than you think. Go to Audience under Analytics. You will see the location, gender, age range and other vital statistics of your followers. 

Combine what you get with your competitor research data and buyer personas. You will have a better idea of your Instagram audience. 

Social Listening

This helps you understand your target audience better. You will have an easier time engaging them once you know what their interests are and what they are taking about. 

There are social media listening tools that help you see the conversations happening in your industry and those pertaining to specific topics. This knowledge lets you find relevant conversations to participate in and the thought leaders to work with. 

Instagram Polls

You can also ask your audience what you want to know about them. Instagram Stories polls can be very useful—utilize them. 

Reach and Engage Your Target Audience

With a clear picture of who you are targeting and what their interests are, you can now effectively target them. 

The Right Hashtags

Your target audience will be following or using hashtags that are relevant to your industry. Make good use of these hashtags so your content can be noticed. Use tools such as RiteTag to discover top hashtags. 

Location Tagging

This enhances the visibility of your posts, helping you get discovered by the relevant people. They may even engage with the post because it is something they are interested in. 

The Right Influencers

Instagram influencers have tons of followers and authority in certain niches. If you partner with the right one, you will effectively reach your target audience. Use platforms like Influence.co and BuzzSumo to discover them.

Participate in Conversations

Joining the right conversations will make you get discovered by your target audience. Utilize social listening tools so you can know what conversations to start or participate in.

Analytics Data Inspiration

Check the performance of your published posts. You will know what people like and are interested in. This enables you to make your marketing strategy even better by engaging your audience more.