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Here’s How Daenerys Could Have Kids Again on ‘Game of Thrones’

Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons are the only children she can ever have on Game of Thrones, it is known. And yet, one fan theory that seems increasingly probable says that Jon Snow will get her pregnant.

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones Season 7 makes not one, not two, but three references to Daenerys and Jon’s potential offspring. First Jorah mentions it, then Tyrion, and finally Daenerys herself. One interpretation suggests that their potential kid is the true “Song of Ice and Fire” from the book series title.

But go back a step. How would this happen? Daenerys believes she’s infertile because of the witch Mirri Maz Duur she enlisted to save Khal Drogo in Season 1. Of course this plan backfired horribly. Duur told her that “only death can pay for life,” and while Dany thought this only involves sacrificing his horse, it turned out to be the life of their unborn baby.

To make matters worse, after all that Drogo was alive but effectively brain-dead. The implication is that in one fell swoop, after trusting the wrong person and the wrong magic, Daenerys lost her husband, unborn child, and potential to ever have human kids.

But it’s the “only death can pay for life” part that fans are latching onto, because in Season 7, Dany’s dragon “child” Viserion has died. And she’s looking awfully cozy with Jon Snow.

“Only death can pay for life”

So perhaps the death of her dragon child will pay for a new life. Of course, some fans are also theorizing that this ominous prediction will mean that Dany pays for her child’s life with her own. After all, her own mother died in childbirth and Jon’s mother Lyanna Stark did too.

But for now, there are no indications about Daenerys’s death in the show. There are, however, several indications that she will have a child with Jon.




This Tiny Game of Thrones Detail Could Mean the End for Littlefinger

Sansa Stark seemed to take to her new role as Regent of the North in Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, establishing her credibility as a capable leader. However, some fans are still worried about the thorn in her side known as Littlefinger.


As Sansa walked through the Winterfell courtyard making plans to keep her people fed and warm throughout winter, the master manipulator followed along silently at her side. And while he didn’t say anything, there was a specific moment in the conversation that seemed to give him pause.

After Sansa asked Maester Wolkan about the length of the longest winter in the past 100 years, he replied that he would have to look it up. “I’m not entirely certain. I’ll check Maester Luwin’s records, he kept a copy of every raven’s scroll,” he said, referencing the former Maester of Winterfell.

This revelation made Littlefinger do a quick but noticeable double-take — as noted by The Ringer — seeming to hint that one of these scrolls may contain some incriminating information.


Some speculate that there may be a scroll that links Littlefinger to the Valryian steel dagger that was used in the assassination attempt on Bran and was last seen when Littlefinger held it to Ned’s neck after betraying him to the Lannisters. This theory is supported by the fact that the dagger was shown strapped to Arya’s hip in promotional photos for the season, indicating that the young assassin may be the one to finally take out Littlefinger upon her arrival at Winterfell. And judging by the promo for this week’s episode, she’s getting very close to her destination.


Not to mention that the promo also appears to show Sansa suspiciously perusing a paper that could be the scroll in question.


Here’s hoping that ousting Littlefinger is the first item on the Stark sisters’ reunion to-do list.

The 8th episode of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season airs Aug. 27th at 9 p.m. on HBO.



HBO Hackers Threaten to Leak ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Finale Episode 7

So far, the only leaked episodes of “Game of Thrones” Season 7 have come from HBO partners themselves. Hackers have shared other data, and pieces of GoT scripts, but never full episodes. Yet.

HBO’s hackers recently emailed Mashable with details on their latest exploits, vowing to leak the Season 7 finale, Episode 7, “as soon as possible.”

According to Mashable, the data dump the hackers — “Mr. Smith group” — shared with them included login credentials for every HBO social media account. The hackers claimed to “have access to many HBO Platforms already” and posted on several HBO Giphy accounts, writing things like “HB-OLD is Dying….” before the pages were deleted.

But it’s this threat, emailed from the group to Mashable, that’s getting the most attention:

“Be ready for GOT S& E6 &E7 as soon as possible.”

“As soon as possible” may mean they don’t have it yet and may never have it, they just want to hold the threat over HBO’s head.

The email was sent before Episode 6 aired on August 20, but Episode 6 was already leaked by HBO Europe accounts several days before that anyway. So a threat to leak Episode 6 isn’t exactly scary to anyone. But Episode 7… that’s the season finale. If they had it to leak, they probably would’ve done it by now, since HBO doesn’t seem interested in playing the hackers’ “game” and giving them (anymore) money.


Even if the Season 7 finale somehow finds its way onto the web — from hackers or, more likely considering the recent pattern, an HBO contractor — it shouldn’t affect the ratings in a negative way. And even if hackers do spoil what happens in the finale … well, guess what? Someone on the inside already did that months ago when they leaked a full-season breakdown on Reddit. HBO’s own allies have been leading the leak game all year, at least when it comes to “Game of Thrones” Season 7 content, which is all that most fans care about anyway.

The highly anticipated “Game of Thrones” Season 7 finale airs Sunday, Aug. 27 at 9 p.m. on HBO.




Game of Thrones is a series of surprises. In the beginning, it was a shock to see the nice, “good” characters come to awful ends. We learned no one was safe and threw around the phrase as comfort every time another heroic person bit the dust. Then, we were awed by smoke monsters and the presence of dragons. Most recently, it’s been a bit of a wonder that none of our favorite characters are dying; they’re actually making it out of seemingly impossible situations.

“Beyond the Wall” changed the game with a blue-eyed wight dragon revelation in its final scene. I don’t use the game-changer line lightly. The Night King‘s action altered what I thought I knew about how Game of Thrones would end. That’s one of the reasons the Night King is the MVP of the penultimate episode of season seven.

Before we dive into the Night King’s profound show of power, let’s touch on the obvious rationale for naming him MVP. He was a textbook example of working smart, not hard in “Beyond the Wall.” The Night King didn’t have to do anything to lure Jon Snow and his men; they planned their own idiotic Tour of the North trip. Once he had them there, he let his vast, exceptionally expendable army do their thing. He didn’t have to raise a bony finger.

The Night King has all the time in the world. He was content to let his army wait out the refreezing of the lake and go after Jon and his men. His patience paid off when Daenerys flew her dragons to the scene, which leads us to another reason the Night King wins the episode. He got himself a damn undead dragon.

The leader of all the White Walkers had massive, dragon-killing spears for some reason. I guess he’s probably heard about Dany and her dragons by now, so maybe he’s been getting prepared. He didn’t panic when he saw Drogon light swaths of his army on fire or call for a retreat. He doesn’t have the burden of compassion to hold him back. The Night King remained calm and took down Viserion without any sign of emotion.

Awful? Yes. I’m not siding with the Night King. But I can’t deny he made an intelligent and valuable move in a sea of our heroes making stupid decisions. He resurrected Viserion and gained a giant, scaly asset—a weapon capable of changing the tide.

Call me a sweet summer child, but I believed Daenerys and her dragons would be the end of the Night King and his army. Dragon fire is one of the few guaranteed ways to end a White Walker’s existence. You’d think by now I would know Game of Thrones isn’t a show about happy endings, but I had a hope it’s where the story was going.

I can see how a dragon fueled triumph could still happen. Since Jon has been dead before, maybe he’ll be able to connect with and ride Viserion. But that’s a theory for another time.

As it is, the Night King scored a huge win by gaining an ice dragon. The dragons seemed like undefeatable, surefire solutions to the survival of Westeros. If the Night King can take down such a powerful force by barely exerting any effort, what else can he do? We thought we saw it all when Jon witnessed the Night King in action at “Hardhome,” but that terrifying display was nothing compared to how the zombie ruler shifted an entire freaking war by throwing a spear at a dragon like most of us toss trash into a dumpster.

For the first time, I feel like the citizens of Westeros are utterly and completely screwed. Good job, Night King.

Does my choice for MVP align with yours? Fly a dragon (too soon?) to the comments and tell me your pick.



Game of Thrones Finale Trailer Teases an Insane Meeting of All Your Favorites

Starting with last season and really ramping up this year, Game of Throneshas been efficiently re-uniting the once-scattered cast of the HBO series. Arya briefly saw her direwolf; Sansa has found both Bran and Jon. A whole mess of characters who knew each other’s dads met up north of the Wall. But nothing we’ve seen yet can quite match the major meeting looming in the finale. Everyone will be down south for the big meeting of Kings, Queens, and zombies. Well, almost everyone.

You had your chance to go to the party, Sansa, but you (snottily) sent Brienne instead. Speaking of which, let’s take a full accounting of everyone we see gathered in one place for the finale.

We see (deep breath): Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) , Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), Bronn (Jerome Flynn), Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbæk)—or at least his fleet, Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), Ser Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen), Pod (Daniel Portman), and just behind him Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel), Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson), Varys (Conleth Hill), Theon (Alfie Allen), Jon Snow (Kit Harington), Davos (Liam Cunningham), the Hound (Rory McCann) and Brienne (Gwendoline Christie). We don’t see Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) she’s undoubtedly there as well as a few other familiar faces. Plus, you know, scores of armies spoiling for a fight.

Please don’t ask me how Grey Worm and the Unsullied escaped from Casterly Rock. Just be glad our second favorite eunuch (behind Varys but in front of Theon) is safe and sound. As for the dazzling location itself, this is the much-anticipated Dragonpit.

News first broke back in August that Game of Thrones was using the picturesque Italica ruins near Seville, Spain, to stand in for the Dragonpit—a cavernous ruin perched atop of the hills of King’s Landing. This is what that evocative location looks like in the books, and here’s what the ruins look like in real life.

This is why we think by Daenerys, will likely be there. What’s a Dragonpit without dragons? This as-yet-unamed episode will be directed by Jeremy Podeswa. Controversial though he may be, Podeswa has directed some truly impressive and beautifully filmed action for Thrones in the past, including Jorah and Tyrion’s confrontation with the Stone Men, Brienne and Pod’s heroic rescue of Sansa and Theon from the Bolton soldiers, and Tyrion’s dramatic unchaining of Viserion and Rhaegal.


So whatever happens at the end of this dustup between so many main characters, it’s promising to be a lovely war.



Game of Thrones Fans Noticed Jon Snow Has a Powerful Ally He Hasn’t Used Yet

Game of Thrones has made a point this season to—among the dragon battles and sex scenes—include some long, boring scenes between Cersei and Tycho Nestoris of the Iron Bank. I know, I know, it’s not much fun to watch Cersei discuss her credit score while an army of undead is marching South, but the Iron Bank has a huge role to play in all this. Many fans believe that money could be Cersei’s ultimate downfall once the Iron Bank sees a better business opportunity in Daenerys than Cersei.

But the bank could also be another potential ally in the north, with a vested interest in Jon Snow’s cause as well. As one Reddit user explains:

I believe Jon should also be prioritizing proving to the Iron Bank that the Wights exists. I’ve thought for a while about how the White Walkers only seem to plague Westeros, while the rest of the ASOIAF World is so enormous and would remain seemingly unscathed by Westeros’ complete and utter fall in the coming Winter. Shouldn’t there be some army or ally in the Eastern Lands that would have a vested interest in ensuring the entire continent of Westeros wasn’t turned into an army of the dead? Seems to make sense that the Iron Bank would be exactly those people. They have a major interest in ensuring the Westeros economy stays intact and continues to funnel gold into their banks across The Narrow Sea. Upon learning of the coming threat to a major interest of theirs, wouldn’t the Iron Bank be motivated to provide sell-sword armies and resources to help man The Wall and defeat the White Walkers?

This is assuming Jon Snow is able to pull off his dumbest plan yet and secretly kidnap a single wight from the White Walker army. But, should the Iron Bank be convinced of the White Walker threat, their best investment would be in the salvation of the human race. That’s a pretty sound business model. The White Walkers probably aren’t going to pay taxes! Plus, since Cersei has mistakenly already paid back the Lannister debts in full, the Iron Bank has no more use for her—especially if she’s going to burn down all of King’s Landing to keep her crown.


The only problem? Another would-be king has tried to sway the Iron Bank to his side before, as the Redditor points out:

Davos and Stannis weren’t successful with the Iron Bank the last time around, but this situation seems different enough and with an enormous plus side, that it should have prompted Davos to have at least thought of and suggested the idea of recruiting them to the North’s cause!

That’s true. Davos and Stannis couldn’t get the bank on their side. But Jon Snow has a far more lucrative business opportunity for the bankers. Humans will make more money alive than dead! And money right now would be a huge help for Jon. He needs to manufacture a bunch of dragonglass weapons, and the only way to do that is with some expensive industry. He also needs to ensure the support of the Northern and Southern lords, and that’s a whole lot easier with the bank on his side. Maybe this will come into play as part of the super Game of Thrones theory. Sure, a bank swooping in to save the day isn’t necessarily an exciting twist, but George R.R. Martin has gone through incredible lengths to create a functioning fantasy world, which includes its own important economy. Our guess? We haven’t seen the last of the Iron Bank.



New ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode Leaks

For the second time in two weeks, the network has seen an upcoming episode of Game of Thronesleak ahead of its scheduled premiere. A HBO Europe spokesperson acknowledged the leak, which was described as “brief.”

“We have learned that the upcoming episode of Game of Thrones was accidentally posted for a brief time on the HBO Nordic and HBO Espana platforms,” the spokesperson said. “The error appears to have originated with a third-party vendor and the episode was removed as soon as it was recognized. This is not connected to the recent cyber incident at HBO in the U.S.”

A Reddit forum dedicated to Game of Thrones, however, was discussing the quality of the episode titled “Death Is the Enemy” that has hit torrent sites (it was described as high quality and only missing the closing credits). The episode appears to have spread quickly on the Internet early Wednesday.

On Aug. 3, the fourth episode of Game of Thrones‘ Season 7 leaked online and made its way onto torrent sites nearly three days ahead of its scheduled bow. That breach was attributed to theft at Star India, which distributes the series in that country. Four arrests have been made in that case, which police say was carried out by current and former employees of Prime Focus Technologies, the company contracted by Star India to manage the data.

The two cases come at a time when HBO has been dealing with anonymous hackers who claim to have taken 1.5 terabytes of data and plan to release it slowly if their ransom demands are not met. So far, the hackers have released a mix of video content, including episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s highly anticipated upcoming season, as well as Game of Thrones script summaries and one executive’s emails that spanned a 30-day period.

The Aug. 3 leak as well as the hacker disruptions have had no effect on Game of Thrones ratings. The Aug. 6 episode, titled “Spoils of War,” posted record-breaking numbers for HBO’s crown jewel series. Those numbers were topped by the Aug. 13 episode Eastwatch.



Another Game of Thrones episode has leaked online

An unaired episode of Game of Thrones has appeared on the internet this morning. Episode six, due to be aired on Sunday, appeared first on file sharing sites and a Reddit post. Some Reddit users claim the episode was accidentally aired by HBO Nordic in Spain for an hour before it was removed. The episode six appearance follows a similar leak of episode four around two weeks ago.

The previous leak was related to a distribution partner in India, and it’s likely this is a similar scenario if the Reddit claims are accurate. HBO was subject to a security breach earlier this week, allowing hackers to reportedly obtain 1.5 terabytes of stolen data from the company’s US servers. This latest leak doesn’t appear to be related to the security issues. Hackers have so far only published published script outlines on the web, rather than full episodes.

HBO has struggled multiple times with Game of Thrones leaks in the past. The first four episodes of season 5 leaked online, thanks to advance screeners that are sent out to members of the press. A HBO subsidiary also released a season 6 episode a day early. HBO decided to scrap screeners for season 7, but that hasn’t prevented two major leaks this season.

The Verge has reached out to HBO for comment, and we’ll update you accordingly.



Game of Thrones: is Varys about to betray Daenerys?

Castrated “root and stem” as a young boy by a heartless magician and left on the streets to die, he clung on to his life by begging, stealing and selling “what parts of my body still remained”, before transforming himself into one of the most influential figures in the Seven Kingdoms. Varys, the so-called Spider and Master of Whisperers to multiple monarchs, is one of Game of Thrones’s most compelling creations, and one of few truly low-born characters to establish himself as a main player in the HBO series.

In earlier seasons, it was often difficult to tell what the endgame of the bald eunuch, played to slippery perfection by the Northern Irish actor Conleth Hill, would turn out to be. Like Aidan Gillen’s Littlefinger, who boasts a similarly sharp set of scheming skills, he clearly had a Long Term Agenda. Unlike Littlefinger, however, who craves power for himself, Varys has repeatedly claimed that he is working only for the good of the realm, and for the ordinary, innocent people who live in it. He will lie, and betray his “betters” – but it’s all to make sure that the right person sits on the Iron Throne. Littlefinger might crave chaos (he thinks it’s just like a ladder, did you know?) but Varys, ultimately, wants stability.


It just needs to be the right kind of Varys-approved stability.

Challenged by Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), who questioned his flickering allegiances earlier this season, the eunuch launched a passionate defence of himself.

“When I was a child I lived in alleys, gutters, abandoned houses. You wish to know where my loyalties lie? Not with any King or Queen, but with the people,” he told her. “The people who suffer under despots and prosper under just rule. The people whose hearts you aim to win! If you demand blind allegiance, I respect your wishes. Grey Worm can behead me, or your dragons can devour me.”

In this respect, Varys is one of the most forward-thinking characters in the Game of Thrones world. Yes, others have challenged the show’s rulers in the past (Robert’s Rebellion, which took place long before the events of the series, was prompted by the actions of a tyrant) but only Varys is enlightened enough to regard unquestioning loyalty as a flaw in itself, rather than something to be overcome in extreme situations.

Of late, he certainly seems to be wavering in his feelings towards Daenerys, understandably perturbed by her penchant for Drogon-assisted punishment (aka burning people alive). Because of this, many have speculated that he could abandon her after all, possibly even aligning himself with the annoyingly noble Jon Snow, whose claim to the throne, it was subtly revealed in Eastwatch, could well be the strongest of all.


Of course, Daenerys’s decision to support Jon in the battle against the army of the dead, coupled with the fact that the two leaders appear to be growing closer (some are convinced they’ll be hooking up by the end of the season), could mean that Varys won’t have to choose between them after all.



‘Game Of Thrones’ Just Changed Everything You Know About Jon Snow

Episode 5 of “Game of Thrones” Season 7, “Eastwatch,” featured some moments fans have been waiting for, and other surprises No One saw coming (yeah, we’re talking about Arya).


Jon Snow (Kit Harington) touched a dragon; Gendry (Joe Dempsie) finally returned; Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) reunited with Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) to talk about joining the fight against the White Walkers; Cersei (Lena Headey) revealed she’s pregnant; Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen) fooled Arya (Maisie Williams) by planting a mysterious scroll written by Sansa (Sophie Turner) in his chambers; and Dany (Emilia Clarke) took a slightly evil turn, burning Randyll (James Faulkner) and Dickon Tarly (Tom Hopper) for not bending the knee. (But it is a war after all, what is she supposed to do?)

And with all that going on, the show quietly seemed to confirm the missing piece to the Jon Snow puzzle.


Remember those documents that Archmaester Ebrose (Jim Broadbent) gave Sam (John Bradley) to preserve earlier in Season 7?


Well, while Sam is working on them, Gilly (Hannah Murray) comes across a passage from a High Septon Maynard saying someone named “Prince Ragger,” aka Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, had his marriage annulled and was remarried in a secret ceremony in Dorne.

This is finally some proof that Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark (Aisling Franciosi), the parents of Jon Snow, were married, making Jon a legitimate Targaryen heir.



Like the former mystery of Jon Snow’s real parents, the legitimacy of Jon is something that’s been theorized about for years. The fact that Rhaegar left some of his Kingsguard to protect Lyanna in the Tower of Joy raised fans’ suspicions, but proof has been lacking.

Up until now, we’ve been expected to believe Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna, who was already betrothed to Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy), and this led to the events that started Robert’s Rebellion and removed the Targaryens from the Iron Throne, thus setting up everything that’s happened on “Game of Thrones.”


With the reveal that Rhaegar had his marriage annulled, likely his marriage to wife Elia Martell, it seems more likely that the prince and Lyanna actually ran away together, got married and welcomed baby Jon Snow.


In George R.R. Martin’s novel A Clash of Kings, Dany seemingly sees Rhaegar talking about this in one of her visions in the House of the Undying (these events were changed in the on-screen version):

The man had her brother’s hair, but he was taller, and his eyes were a dark indigo rather than lilac. “Aegon,” he said to a woman nursing a newborn babe in a great wooden bed. “What better name for a king?”

“Will you make a song for him?” the woman asked.

“He has a song,” the man replied. “He is the prince that was promised, and his is the song of ice and fire.” He looked up when he said it and his eyes met Dany’s, and it seemed as if he saw her standing there beyond the door. “There must be one more,” he said, though whether he was speaking to her or the woman in the bed she could not say. “The dragon has three heads.”

There is a lot of speculation about this prophecy and what it actually means, but many believe it’s because of this that Rhaegar wanted a third child. (The third head of the dragon.)


We know Lyanna was that third baby’s mama. Now, we can assume Rhaegar was her husband, too.

More evidence: after Gilly reads the passage about the annulment, an annoyed Sam complains that while he’s preserving Maynard’s documents, the secret to defeating the Night King could be sitting on some shelf somewhere.


Uh, hello, Sam. This could be a nod that Jon Snow is the secret.


Also, he likely isn’t actually named Jon Snow, since that’s a bastard name. A theory last year predicted Snow’s real name would be Jaehaerys, but it could also be something like Aegon, since that’s the name used in the vision Dany has about Rhaegar.


All praise Jon Snow, King in the North, possibly rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms and the secret to defeating the White Walkers.