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E.L. James has a new ‘Fifty Shades’: ‘Darker’ from Christian’s point of view

Author E.L. James is once again going back to the well that made her famous. The “Fifty Shades of Grey” author will publish another retelling of a novel from her bondage-themed erotica trilogy, this one called “Darker: Fifty Shades Darker as Told by Christian.”

The novel will be released on Nov. 28 by Vintage Books, according to a news release from the publisher.

This is the second time that James has rewritten a novel from the immensely popular “Fifty Shades” trilogy, which tells the story of the relationship between young Anastasia Steele and kinky Seattle businessman Christian Grey.

In 2015, James published “Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian,” a retelling of the first novel in the trilogy told from Christian’s point of view. The book was savaged by critics, but still sold more than a million copies within days of its release.

In the news release, James praised her publisher and said writing the new novel was a “journey of discovery.”

“The inside of Christian Grey’s head is a fascinating place to be,” she said. “In ‘Grey’ we got the first glimpse of what makes Christian tick, but in ‘Darker’ we go deeper, into his most painful memories and the encounters that made him the damaged, demanding man Ana falls in love with.”

The “Fifty Shades” trilogy, which began with the 2011 novel “Fifty Shades of Grey,” has been a publishing phenomenon. The books have sold more than 150 million copies and have spawned two film adaptations, with a third one slated for release next year.

“Darker” will be published in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom in November, with a Spanish-language version following the next month, and will be released worldwide “soon after,” according to the news release.




Fifty Shades of Grey might become a musical

With La La Land currently raking it in at the box office, Hollywood may very well be looking at a new dawn of the musical.

So don’t be surprised if a few cinematic hits of the past few years start getting the Broadway musical treatment; with La La Land itself already potentially in line for a stage version, now Fifty Shades of Grey may also become a musical extravaganza. Now, what rhymes with bondage?

The Sun claims that writer E.L. James has been in talks to bring her S&M bestseller to Broadway and West End stages, with hopes that the musical would prove an equally monumental success. 

James’ trilogy has so far sold over 125 million copies, spawning its own cinematic franchise; Fifty Shades of Grey took more than $500 million at the global box office, with its sequel Fifty Shades Darker hoping to do similar numbers. It’s the first of two sequels filmed back-to-back, under the guidance of director James Foley. 

Fifty Shades Darker is set to continue the misadventures of college student Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), caught up in the covert sexual shenanigans of hunky business tycoon Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), a man described both as a romantic hero and an abusive creep – depending on who you’re talking to. 

Of course, Fifty Shades of Grey abruptly ended with Anastasia leaving Christian after realising the pair are simply incompatible, though it’s a separation unlikely to last; the sequel picking up with Christian’s attempts to entice Ana back into his life, which she accepts under a new arrangement of her choosing.

However, their temporary bliss is interrupted by the return of shadowy figures from Christian’s past; promising plenty of steamy drama, including a potentially huge surprise not found in the books, with the final film in the trilogy Fifty Shades Freed pitched for a 2018 release.