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Marvel legend Stan Lee is creating an original story for Audible

Comic book fans (and comic book movie fans) are very familiar with Stan Lee, who has a cameo in pretty much every Marvel movie. Now, the legendary Marvel writer is creating yet another shared universe. Varietyexclusively reports that Stan Lee will produce a brand new book for Audible described as “Mr. Robot set in John Hughes world.”



Given that the agreement is with an audiobook company, the project will be (you guessed it) an audiobook. Stan Lee is signed on to narrate the introduction to the project. Lee, along with Ryan Silbert and Luke Liebermen, promise that this will be the beginning of an entirely new shared universe. Presumably, if this project does well, we’ll see more of it in the future.



It’s unclear whether the long-form work will later release in print form. However, seeing as Audible is owned by Amazon, which has its own publishing arm, it’s certainly a possibility.





Audible Suspends The Ability To Gift Credits

Audible has just disabled the ability for people to send credits to each other. This is a system in which authors would commonly send credits to users to get a free copy of their audiobooks, but it was abused by people on EBAY selling the credits at a steep discount. Audible has stated that the reason why the killed this system was so they could focus on popular gift memberships and send this book feature.

I believe one of the reasons why Audible disabled the ability to gift credits was because of what a small minority of users were doing. A user by the name of Sixbucks explained what he used to do with the credits “Back when there were a bunch of promos running I would have 4 accounts all taking advantage of the deal and gifting the credits to my primary account.” This resulted in one user with many accounts accumulating a massive amount of credits. They would use the credits to rack up a huge library of audio titles or simply sell the credits on EBAY.

I am very sure that authors and narrators that used to give out credits so people can be exposed to their work will be overjoyed that the credit system has been suspended.



Amazon’s Audible launches ‘SINCERELY, X’ audio series with true stories, told anonymously

Over the course of her abusive marriage, a mom from the Midwest developed a life-saving idea that she couldn’t share with anyone. It was a ritual focusing on the love in her life and it helped her deal with — and eventually work through — her violent circumstances. She thought it could help others but didn’t think she’d ever share what she’d learned because it was so deeply personal.

That is, until she discovered “SINCERELY, X” a new audio series that allows people to share their ideas and stories anonymously, in the style of a TED Talk.

The series is premiering on Audible Channels, a product of Amazon-owned Audible. Members of Audible and Amazon Prime will be able to listen to the first three episodes starting Wednesday. They include stories from the midwestern mom, a doctor who feels responsible for her patient’s death, and a former hedge fund manager seeking redemption for lying to investors.

The show is hosted by June Cohen, an 11-year veteran of TED Media. Cohen is also one of the executive producers on “SINCERELY, X.”

Storytellers share their ideas with Cohen while the rest of the Audible production team works from behind a curtain. The guests’ voices are disguised and Audible uses code names, internally, to protect their anonymity.

“The kinds of ideas that are told anonymously are the ones that people don’t want to be known for or they can’t be publicly associated,” said Cohen. “I think of these as ideas in hiding. Ideas that can never be told under a spotlight but that deserve to be heard.”

Cohen and her colleagues at TED hatched the idea before partnering with Audible to make it a reality.

Audible Channels launched last year as a new product distinct from Audible’s traditional audiobook business. The service features a wide range of original audio content, including comedy shorts, professionally read news articles, and short stories. It’s available to Audible subscribers for $15 a month and members of Amazon Prime. Amazon acquired Audible for $300 million in 2008.

The 10-episode first series of “SINCERELY, X” will stream exclusively on Audible. Ultimately the episodes will be available on other platforms, Cohen says.

Cohen is excited about the show’s potential to join what she calls a “Renaissance in audio,” spawned by the popularity of podcasts like “Serial” and “Startup.” She thinks it’s the perfect time for a show like “SINCERELY, X” which relies on the audio format to protect storytellers’ anonymity.

“The thing that fascinates me about this, too, is why they want to tell the story and share the idea at all, if they weren’t going to be associated with it or if they didn’t get credit for it,” she said. “I actually felt really moved by the generosity of the speakers who participated. They don’t get the moment on stage, they’re not going to have their inbox fill up with love letters and opportunities the day that their talk goes live. What they get out of it, really, is the satisfaction of knowing that they’ve helped people.”



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