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Jackie Chan Gets Violent Revenge In Trailer For His Next Movie

A new trailer for the Jackie Chan movie The Foreigner has arrived. If you ever doubted that veteran actor Chan was no longer a badass, this video will remind you that, of course, he still is.

Based on the novel “The Chinaman,” The Foreigner follows a London businessman Quan (Chan) who is seeking revenge after his daughter is killed in an act of terrorism. Starring alongside Chan is James Bond star Pierce Brosnan, who plays a British government agent who may or may not know the identity of the bombers and their motivations. If the new trailer is anything to go on, The Foreigner looks like an action-packed, explosive film with some nice set-pieces.

If the trailer is giving you 007 vibes, there’s a good reason for that, as The Foreigner was directed by GoldenEye and Casino Royale director Martin Campbell.

The Foreigner opens on October 13.




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