How to Utilize Cryptocurrency?


How to Utilize Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency refers to a digital asset that circulates without government or financial organization’s control. Cryptocurrencies are created in such a way that people can buy, sell, or trade them securely in a bid to make a profit. Besides, one can buy and hold them in anticipation of future price rises and make a high profit.

Among the popularly known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, but there are over 700 of them in circulation. Before using them, there is a need to know their viability in the market so that one is secure. This article will give an overview of how to use cryptocurrencies to avoid the risk of losing money while in the trade.

  1. Obtaining the Cryptocurrency– As mentioned, there are countless of them in the market. Therefore, it is important to research, understand each of them, and decide on the best that you need to work with.

This is done by;

  1. Choosing the right cryptocurrency- Bear in mind that small niches of cryptocurrencies that have not been in the market are highly volatile. It is essential to research widely before settling on any of them.

However, there are the popular ones, such as Bitcoin, which is highly accepted in many places, including shopping malls, or opening trading accounts to make profits. Others that are highly valued include Litecoin, which is acceptable in many retail shops and trading platforms.

  1. Selecting a crypto exchange that works in your area of operation– Different countries accept different crypto exchanges. Before choosing one, confirm that it is acceptable in your country and the charges. Do not go for the one whose fees are high with an insinuation that it offers the best services. Compare several of them and settle for the one that is friendly for your activities.
  2. Open a Trading Account– To join the world of cryptocurrency, you need to open a trading account. Be sincere with the information such as your name, Identity card information, country of origin, and many more. This enables you to go through the verification process without challenges.

You will also require an email for verification, where a code will be sent to you to confirm that you are a human opening a trading account.

An email will also be used to receive a two-factor identification to help you secure your account further.

  1. Link the Method of Payment – The main currency sent upon opening a cryptocurrency account is fiat, for instance, euros or dollars. Otherwise, you will be required to link an acceptable payment method in your country to facilitate sending or receiving money. A popular example is PayPal.
  2. Purchase the Cryptocurrency– After all, this is set up, it is time to purchase the cryptocurrency, which is bought using the number of coins you can afford. This works similarly to the stock exchange, where you are at liberty to buy a defined amount of money and sell it or use it for your benefit.
  3. Usage of Cryptocurrency

In today’s world, cryptocurrency is used in many ways. For instance, Casinos enjoy receiving or sending money using crypto because it is internationally accepted. And the receiver will only provide a link address that the sender will use to purchase the crypto.

The other major use is holding the crypto-. Most investors analyze the viability or volatility of the same and decide on holding it for a defined period, anticipating making huge profits. Since this is a high-risk area, it is important to choose wisely, bearing in mind that you are bound to lose your entire investment easily if you do not store it successfully.

 Below are some tips for a successful cryptocurrency to be safe on this.

  1. Do not share your private keys until you want to spend the cryptocurrency- Remember that as soon as you share your private keys, you give authority to use your portfolio, and you can lose a lot.

However, if you do not intend to use the cryptocurrency immediately, then you can transfer to another wallet of convenience.

  1. Purchase from online retailers using cryptocurrency- Because it is in huge circulation, many stores indicate that they accept cryptocurrency. You can choose to shop using cryptocurrency. Currently, Bitcoin is highly accepted, and you can vouch for it.
  2. Save the Cryptocurrency for future use– While it feels good to spend, it is important, too, to save on your portfolio. Traders do this by holding the crypto in anticipation that the prices will rise in the future. It is recommended that as much as you want to hold, and diversify your portfolio. For instance, buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other currencies of your choice to spread the risk if any of them flopping.
  3. Selecting the Right Cryptocurrency Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet refers to a program or device used to store your cryptocurrency and allows you to access your coins at your convenience. They are your private keys.

How to select a Wallet

This is done by researching the available wallets and what is accepted in your area. The most reliable ones are the software wallets, which is how to access them.

  1. Downloading the Preferred Software enables you to take full control of your coins. It also gives one access to more than one security- for instance, a password, the two-factor Authenticator for more enhanced security.
  2. Use a Mobile Wallet– These are user-friendly wallets because they give you the freedom to access your cryptocurrency any time you need. However, they have a limited level of security, though you need to ensure that your passwords are strong to avoid access by unauthorized individuals. It is also more convenient for small value of cryptocurrency.
  3. Use Hardware Wallet your Cryptocurrency entirely in the Software Wallets. Hardware wallets are highly secure and cost as little as $100.

All you need to do is to keep it secure and ensure no unauthorized persons access the device.

  1. Use a Paper Wallet to Hold for a Long-term investment– This comes in the form of a QR code, and any time you want to access your wallet, you only need to scan and regain your wallet for use.


These are generally the three main ways on how to use cryptocurrency. When understood well, you will know when to buy, sell, use or hold the crypto at your convenience.

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