Fortune Introduces Revolutionary Ranking: The Fortune Crypto 40


Fortune Introduces Revolutionary Ranking: The Fortune Crypto 40

The past decade has seen an exponential growth in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. The market, once dominated by Bitcoin, has expanded to include a plethora of digital currencies and technologies, each designed to serve different purposes and users. As cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions continue to disrupt industries and redefine how we conduct business, it becomes crucial to recognize the key players driving this revolution.

Fortune, the world-renowned business magazine, has long been a respected authority on the financial and technological sectors. With its revolutionary ranking of companies and individuals, the Fortune 500 and Fortune 40 Under 40 have become benchmarks for success and influence in the business world. Now, in response to the growing prominence of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, Fortune is introducing a new ranking: The Fortune Crypto 40.

The Fortune Crypto 40 aims to highlight the most influential companies, projects, and individuals in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. This article will explore the methodology behind the ranking, the selection criteria, and the significance of this new benchmark.


The Fortune Crypto 40 ranking is derived from a comprehensive analysis of the cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape, taking into account multiple factors to determine the most impactful players in the industry. The key factors include:

Market Capitalization: A project’s market capitalization demonstrates the market’s perception of its value and potential. The ranking takes into account the average market capitalization of each project over a set period.

Adoption and Usage: The utility and real-world application of a project play a critical role in determining its success. The ranking considers the number of users, transaction volume, and partnerships with established organizations.

Innovation and Technological Advancement: The ranking evaluates each project’s contribution to the development of new blockchain technology, protocols, or use-cases. This factor accounts for the project’s potential to drive future growth and disruption.

Regulatory Compliance: Projects that adhere to regulatory frameworks and maintain a transparent relationship with regulators are given preference in the ranking. This ensures that the listed projects have a higher likelihood of long-term success and stability.

Social Impact: Projects that focus on addressing global challenges or promoting financial inclusion are rewarded in the ranking. The Fortune Crypto 40 recognizes projects that strive to make a positive impact on society.

Selection Criteria

The Fortune Crypto 40 ranking includes a diverse range of projects, companies, and individuals from across the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. The selection criteria encompass various aspects of the industry, including:

Cryptocurrency Projects: Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as emerging projects that display strong growth potential and innovative technology, are considered for the ranking.

Blockchain Infrastructure Projects: The ranking acknowledges projects that develop the underlying infrastructure for decentralized applications and services, such as smart contract platforms, decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions, and oracle networks.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges: The most reputable and widely-used cryptocurrency exchanges are included in the ranking, considering their security measures, liquidity, trading volume, and user experience.

Wallet Providers and Custody Solutions: Secure and user-friendly wallet providers and custody solutions that cater to individual and institutional investors are considered for the Fortune Crypto 40.

Regulatory and Compliance Organizations: The ranking also includes organizations that focus on fostering regulatory compliance and promoting transparency in the industry.

Prominent Individuals: The Fortune Crypto 40 recognizes the achievements of influential individuals within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, including founders, CEOs, developers, and investors.

Significance of the Fortune Crypto 40

The Fortune Crypto 40 ranking serves as a benchmark for success and influence in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. The ranking’s significance lies in the following aspects:

Recognition of Industry Leaders: By highlighting the most impactful players, the Fortune Crypto 40 ranking acknowledges the contributions and accomplishments of companies, projects, and individuals who are driving the growth and development of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. These leaders serve as role models and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Credibility and Trust: The Fortune Crypto 40 brings credibility to the projects and companies included in the ranking. Being recognized by a reputable organization like Fortune instills trust in potential investors, users, and partners. The ranking also helps differentiate legitimate projects from the myriad of scams and dubious ventures that have plagued the industry.

Encouraging Innovation: The ranking promotes a competitive spirit among the projects and companies in the crypto space, motivating them to push the boundaries of innovation and drive the industry forward. By recognizing innovation and technological advancements, the Fortune Crypto 40 fosters a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.

Guiding Investment Decisions: For investors and institutions interested in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector, the Fortune Crypto 40 serves as a valuable resource. By providing a curated list of the most influential players, the ranking helps investors identify projects and companies with strong growth potential, enabling them to make informed investment decisions.

Increasing Awareness and Adoption: The Fortune Crypto 40 brings much-needed attention to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, helping to educate the general public and business community about the potential of this transformative technology. The ranking serves as a gateway for individuals and organizations to learn about and engage with the crypto and blockchain space, contributing to increased awareness and adoption.


The introduction of the Fortune Crypto 40 is a testament to the growing significance of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the global financial and technological landscape. By recognizing the most influential players in the industry, the ranking serves as a benchmark for success, fosters innovation, and promotes the adoption of crypto and blockchain solutions.

As the industry continues to evolve and mature, the Fortune Crypto 40 will play a crucial role in guiding investment decisions, encouraging competition, and ultimately shaping the future of finance and technology. With the backing of a respected authority like Fortune, the ranking has the potential to become an essential reference point for stakeholders in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, further cementing the industry’s legitimacy and relevance.

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