10 Ways to Write More Effective Ads

10 Ways to Write More Effective Ads

Remember, if your prospect is 3000 miles away, it’s not easy for him to ask you a question. You must anticipate and answer all of his questions and overcome all objections in your copy if you are to be successful. And make sure you do not throw everything you can think of under the sun in there.

You only need to include as much information as you need to make the sale…and not one word more. If it takes a 10-page sales letter, so be it. If it takes a 16-page magalogue, fine. But if the 10-page sales letter tests better than the 16-page magalogue, then go with the winner.

Does that mean every prospect must read every word of your copy? before he will order your product? Of course not. Some will read every word and then go back and reread it again. Some will read the headline and lead, then skim much of the body

and land on the close. Some will scan the entire body, then go back and read it. All those prospects may end up purchasing the offer, but they also all may have different styles of reading and skimming. Which brings us to the next tip… Write to Be Scanned – Your layout is especially important in a sales letter, because you want your letter to look inviting, refreshing to the eyes. In short, you want your

prospect to stop what he’s doing and read your letter. If he sees a letter with tiny margins, no indentations, no breaks in the text, no white space, and no subheads…if he sees a page of nothing but densely-packed words, do you think he‘ll be tempted to read it? Not likely.

Great copies are made, not born. It is derived from proven test results designed to do one thing and do it well: sell. Effective advertising does not always use “grammatically correct” English. It uses short sentences, fragments. Like this. It convinces you to buy and buy now. Period. It talks about benefits, not features. It sells on emotion and reinforces the decision to buy with logic. It paints a compelling picture and irresistible offer that forces your prospect to act and act now!

And if it does not, then you drop that ad like a hot potato and go with one that does. Effective persuasion is like your top salesperson–the one who continues to break all your sales records year after year–on the job 24 x 7, multiplied by thousands or millions! Just imagine if that salesperson, the one with proven results, could be multiplied as much as you wanted. Now that would be effective (and cost-efficient) marketing! And that is the kind of proven marketing you need to employ.

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