Tottori's Skin Care Hot Springs - Osaka and Kyoto!

Tottori’s Skin Care Hot Springs – Osaka and Kyoto!

Hot springs (Onsen) are said to promote beauty, health and improve your wellbeing. The Tottori prefecture is home to many – its people are considered to have the most beautiful skin in Japan. The Tottori prefecture is easily accessible from Osaka and Kyoto. The hot springs should be a serious consideration for any travel itinerary.

Misasa Onsen – A World-Leading Radium Spring

Misasa – “three mornings”, is in Kurayoshi. It is a radium hot spring that has the world’s highest concentration of Radon. Radon is said to help boost metabolism, immunity and increase the body’s natural ability to heal. They say it also helps prevent cancer, slow down aging, and prevent certain lifestyle diseases. The healing effects after spending “three mornings” in the Misasa hot springs. It has become a popular travel destination from people all over the world, with both local and international people visiting. You can get to Misasa through a 20-minute bus ride from JR Kurayoshi Station. Kurayoshi itself can be accessed in 3 to 4 hours by the JR Limited Express train, from Osaka or Kyoto.

Kaike Onsen – Sulfate Salt Spring

Located in Yonago, the Kaike hot spring is mixed with seawater and is said to be a ‘sulfate salt spring’. 

This type of spring is effective in treating nerve pain, gastrointestinal disorders, cold sensitivity, rheumatism, and a variety of other skin diseases and disorders. It also helps to beautify one’s skin. Beyond the hot spring, one can also enjoy seafood, stunning views from this coastal town and stay at one of the many hotels within the Kaike area.

To get to Yonago, you take a 3- to 4-hour train journey by the JR Limited Express from either Osaka or Kyoto. And spend 20 minutes on a bus from the JR Yonoga station to the Kaike Onsen.

Tottori Hot Spring

Tottori city is a popular travel destination on its own. It is home to the Tottori Sand Dunes in the east, and the Uradome coast. The Tottori Onsen accommodates travelers who are looking for an overnight experience or are there only for a day.

For overnight visitors, you can stay at one of the ryokans (traditional Japanese inn).  Each ryokan is unique and offers something different from the other. The hot spring is very accessible. It is located only 5 minutes from the JR Tottori station. You can get to the JR Tottori Station in 3 to 4 hours through the JR Limited Express from either Osaka, or Kyoto.

Explore the other Onsens

There are a handful of other hot springs in the Tottori prefecture that you can also choose to visit. The Hawaii and Togo Onsens are in central Tottori, at the shore of Lake Togo (not too far from Kurayoshi). And the Sekigane Onsen (platinum springs) and Iwai Onsen (located near the Tottori sand dunes) are not too far away either. All within travelling distance of each other.

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