Tokyo Hotels

Tokyo Hotels

Traveling to Japan for the first time is exciting. However, finding a place to stay can be a pain. This guide will answer all your questions concerning accommodation for first time tourists or business travelers to Tokyo. There are many amazing hotels in Tokyo.

The following are top of the list. The three of them are in Ginza and Shinjuku—which are the best areas to stay when visiting Tokyo. Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku: if you consider yourself a practical traveler, you will love this hotel. It is in an amazing place in Shinjuku and charges reasonable prices. Their Twin Rooms are quite spacious.

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Shinjuku: for those traveling as a group or family, this is a wonderful place to stay. The hotel has a free Disney shuttle bus so you can conveniently go to Tokyo Disney.

Millennium Mitsui Garden Ginza: this one suits those that are planning to shop like it is their last day or those that want to be close to the Tokyo Station. 

Is It Expensive to Stay in Tokyo Hotels?

Contrary to popular belief, Tokyo hotels are not that expensive. You can easily find an awesome 3.5* hotel in Tokyo for about $150—similar hotels in Hong Kong and Singapore go for the same price. 

This is how much you should expect to pay for hotels:

3 – 3.5* hotels – $100 to $200

4 – 4.5* hotels – $150 to $300

5* hotels – $300+

Hotel Zebra

Hotels in Asia, generally, offer value for your money. The service standards are very high even for the hotels that are considered 3.5*. 

Twin Rooms Vs Double Rooms in Tokyo Hotels

In Tokyo, you will find that hotels have two kinds of rooms. 

Double room: the room is typically 15 – 19 sqm in size and has one double-sized bed. The bed is set against a wall. These rooms are best suited for couples.

Twin room: the typical size is 20 – 25 sqm (in Central Tokyo) and there are two twin beds. Outside of Tokyo Central, you can find even bigger twin rooms. 

Twin rooms tend to be pricier than double rooms, but they are also bigger. 

Peak Season and Saturday Rates

During peak seasons or Saturdays, you may pay an extra 30% for regular rooms. The Japanese love to take weekend trips and that is why prices surge. It is also difficult to get rooms during this time. 

Stay Near a Metro or Train Station

Taxi fares are very high in Japan and you are better off staying near major train stations (think the JR Yamanote Line train loop). If you cannot find a hotel close to the Yamanote line, book one near the Tokyo metro subway. 

7 Best Tokyo Tourists Districts to Stay In

Tokyo has 20 district wards. The seven listed below are more suitable for tourists. Shinjuku is the overall best. 

  1. Shinjuku
  2. Ginza
  3. Tokyo Station
  4. Shibuya

Best places to stay with family:

  1. Asakusa
  2. Odaiba
  3. Tokyo Disney

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