Tokyo Night Guide

Tokyo Night Guide

Activities do not end when the sun sets in Tokyo. The nightlife there has something for everyone including chilling out, dining, partying, sightseeing, and much more. Here are activities that you may enjoy. At night, Tokyo becomes a city lit with bright lights. Up until 22:00, you can enjoy the view from the observation decks in tall buildings and towers.

The best observation decks include those at the Sunshine 60 in Ikebukuro, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Tokyo Tower, and the Tokyo Skytree.  Additionally, some skyscrapers have restaurants at their top floors.

You can dine as you check out the breathtaking view. Although these restaurants are usually expensive, they are the better option for enjoying the night view once the observation decks are closed. For a unique experience, there are helicopter rides available—if you have the money. A boat cruise is also a good option.


Dining is the most popular night activity. Whatever kind of dining establishment you are looking for, you will find it in the city; from small family restaurants, traditional izakaya to fancy Michelin restaurants. For an old-fashioned and authentic experience, Asakusa is your best option. Tokyo Station, Shiodome, and Shinjuku are known for top floor restaurants. 

Tokyo also has unique, themed restaurants. Shibuya has a prison-themed one, Shinjuku has a gothic church-themed one and Akasaka has a ninja-themed one. 

Theme Parks and Museums

Generally, museums cannot be considered night destinations because they close early. However, you can still find aquariums and museums that do not close until a little later. They include: Sunshine International Aquarium, Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa, Sumida Aquarium and Mori Museum. 

DisneySea and Disneyland close at around 22:00.

Nightlife Districts

The best districts for nightlife in Tokyo are Roppongi, Ginza, Shibuya and Shinjuku. 

Kabukicho in Shinjuku is the biggest red-light district in Japan. There are literally hundreds of massage parlors, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and hostess clubs. Although the district can be considered safe, you will occasionally bump into adult posters and shops. Shibuya is favorite for the younger audience. There are restaurants, dance lounges, bars, and nightclubs.

Ginza is a high-end district with chic nightclubs and bars, fine restaurants, and upscale hostess and host bars. Several establishments here are exclusive. Roppongi is more welcoming to foreigners. The restaurants, bars and nightclubs are easily accessible to tourists. It is generally safe but recently there have been rising cases of bad practices and vice.

Night Walk

Taking a stroll in the evening is a simple yet awesome way to experience the night in Tokyo. Sensoji Temple is a great place to visit at night. You will love the dimly illuminated lanterns.

For a quiet experience, consider Odaiba’s waterfront area. 


Hot spring establishments are common in Tokyo. They offer entertainment, dining, relaxation, and baths. They are more like onsen theme parks. 

Other Entertainment

Tokyo has countless theater venues and concert halls where you can catch all kinds of shows. You can enjoy every genre of art festivals, drama, recitals, and concerts. Other things you can enjoy including winter illuminations and shopping.

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