Tokyo Anime

Tokyo Anime

Akihabara is the center of anime culture, manga, and gaming in Japan. There are numerous anime stores, maid cafes, electronic shops; and any self-professed otaku will love it there. The Nakano Broadway shopping mall is crammed with stores that stock anime goods. There are countless specialized branches of the popular Mandarake store. You will get cool items such as costumes, toys, and gadgets. 

Pokemon Stores and Pokemon Centers

They specialize in all kinds of Pokemon items like games, toys, stationery, cards, and exclusive items. They have areas where you can play Pokemon cards. Tokyo has four Pokemon centers such as Skytree Town, Lalaport Tokyo-Bay shopping mall, Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City, and Nihonbashi’s Takashimaya.

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

This entertainment, dining, and shopping complex was opened in Odaiba in 2012. The attractions featured here are inspired by the Gundam anime series.  In fact, a huge life-size Gundam statue is right outside the building.

Theme Parks

One Piece Tower

This is an indoor amusement park located below Tokyo Tower. It is themed after the One-Piece manga series which is quite popular. It offers a wide variety of games, shows, and other fascinating attractions.  The Sanrio Puroland theme park mainly targets younger children. It features the most famous creation by Sanrio—Hello Kitty. There are live shows, theaters, boat rides, and Hello Kitty’s house. Namja Town is another indoor theme park by the creator of Pacman, Namco. Namja town was renovated recently and now has various attractions and small rides. 

In the Ghibli Museum, you will find characters from Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, and other Ghibli Studios films. There are also short exclusive films and special animation exhibits. 

Fujiko F. Fujio Museum

Originally called the Doraemon Museum, this museum showcases the work of Fujiko F. Fujio, a manga artist, who is the creator of the Doraemon series. In there you will find Doraemon’s original artwork, life sized characters, and a short film.

Suginami Animation Museum is found in the Suginami City Ward—a major center for anime production in Japan. It offers hands-on activities like a dubbing booth as well as a digital workshop for a chance to make your own creations.

Toei Animation Museum is nothing more than a large single exhibition room filled with numerous displays. However, it is one of the leading anime movies and series producers. Among its creations are Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball. 

Tokyo Anime Center was once located in Akihabara but was moved to the DNP Plaza basement close to the Ichigaya Station. The center hosts temporary rotating exhibitions, an event space, and a small shop for anime goods. 



AnimeJapan was originally called the Tokyo International Anime Fair. It is the largest anime exhibition in the world. It is held at Tokyo Big Sight in the spring of every year. 

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Comiket (Comic Market)

This is the largest comic convention in the world. It is held twice every year, in summer and in winter. 

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