The Best WordPress Tools

The Best WordPress Tools

The best thing about WordPress is the ease of integrating several features and custom tools without having any web development skills. Over the years the increased interest in affiliate marketing has led several programmers to develop new tools, which are intended in supporting you in operating your affiliate site with ease.

Good Analytics is a new tool that has been developed to help you as an affiliate marketer. Thus, with the increased competition in the market, it has made it essential to keep track of your traffic; the source of your traffic being the critical factor, not forgetting the reader’s engagement behaviors while they are on your site.

Thirsty-Affiliates is among the best plugins you could have as a marketer. Affiliate links tend to look long and very uninspiring for most. For the savvy web users, they are able to identify it on your site and quickly ignore it, so you will not gain any clicks from such visitors. Therefore, the main feature in this plugin is to help you in cloaking your promotional links with those that are more clean and direct for your visitors.

If you are looking to achieve early success on your site, then you need to have an appropriate theme on your site. Many developers have been able to develop various themes, some of which are mainly affiliate inspired. But the best themes for affiliate sites on WordPress are Price Compare Themes that is developed by Theme Forest.

The reason being, shoppers want the ability of quickly comparing prices from a variety of sources. So this theme will allow you to offer this to your visitors. Constant contact is among the best email-marketing solutions you can find in the market. Though you don’t have to use this particular service that has been suggested but having an email solution is very important. It will help to sustain access to your Amazon affiliate site.

Amazon Product in-a-Post plugin has been designed to make your life easy in searching, pulling or even sourcing for the promotions that are on your blog or just landing page. Thus, you are able to quickly place the high-quality products on Amazon on banners with a matching description and essential information such as pricing.

It is all about making your life just a little more comfortable. Woo Commerce Amazon Affiliates has also become another popular product listing plugin that was specifically designed for Amazon affiliate sites. Its primary action on your site is a little similar to most plugins, as it will quickly help you source the various Amazon listings without having to visit the site. But this plugin has gone above and beyond as it enables you to do bulk searches with either keywords or the product category. 

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