The 15 Best Weight Loss Apps for Apple Watch

The 15 Best Weight Loss Apps for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is an amazing companion for anyone looking to attain their fitness and weight goals. Here are some of the best weight loss apps to help you with that.

Foodviser – Calorie Counter: Best for Tracking Basic Nutrition

This app is the best nutrition fact finder and calorie counter for just about every meal. Take a photo of your meal using your iPhone for nutrition facts.

When you log your exercise and steps, you will see the calories burned compared to logged meals. 

GPS Running Tracker: Best GPS Running Tracker

Runkeeper by ASICS lets you make a personalized plan, set personal goals, track workouts and much more. This app is unique because you can use your Apple Watch to track stats without your phone.

Zombies, Run: Best for Fun Workouts

This workout tracking app is story-based and keeps you immersed in a zombie apocalypse. Each run is a mission of escape. 

MyFitnessPal: Best for Tracking Weight Loss Success

It is important to track your weight loss progress. MyFitnessPal displays your weight, exercise, daily nutrition intake and much more. 

My Water Balance: Best for Hydration Tracking

Water intake is crucial for any fitness goal. With My Water Balance, you also get to track soft drinks, tea and other beverages. 

Lifesum Diet & Macro Tracker: Best for Tracking Macros

Add Lifesum to your Apple Watch so you can clearly track your macros. Enter your daily water and food intake from your iPhone for nutritional stats. 

7-Minute Workout: Best for Fast Workout

This short high-intensity workout will help with your weight loss efforts. You gain access to a library of fast exercises.

Yummly Recipes + Shopping List: Best for Healthy Recipes

Yummy healthy recipes are not easy to come by. This app will suggest recipes according to your allergies, dislikes and favorites. 

MealPrepPro Meal Prep Planner: Best for Meal Prepping

This complete meal prepping app creates plans for you. You can switch meals around on your iPhone if you don’t like their choice. 

Activity: Best Preinstalled Activity Tracker

Out of the box, your Apple Watch has an Activity app that displays your daily activity. It gives you notifications so you can start moving. 

Lose It! Calorie Counter: Best for Tracking Calories

Lose It is dedicated to calorie counting. It lets you track your protein, macros and calorie intake daily. 

Aaptiv Audio Fitness: Best for Audio Workouts

If you like audio instructions, you will love Aaptiv. There are countless unique workouts and they are accessible on your Apple Watch. 

Carb Manager: Best App for Keto

This app is perfect for those on a keto diet. It counts your daily carbohydrate intake. In addition, you have access to tons of keto-friendly recipes. 

Done: Best for Weight Loss Habits

Losing weight requires that you adopt healthy habits such as avoiding sugary drinks and drinking water. Done helps you with that.

Zero Fasting Tracker: Best for Intermittent Fasting

There are popular fasts to choose from. You can create your own too. 

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