How to Use Your Apple Watch

How to Use Your Apple Watch

While the Apple Watch is an awesome device, new users may find it intimidating. 

How Does It Work?

You set up your new Apple Watch using the Watch app—installed in your iPhone. The watch communicates with your phone using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Most of the Apple Watch features require the iPhone to be nearby or a data connection. 

Without this connection, you cannot use Siri, text your friends or place calls. The newest Apple Watch model supports cellular data connection without relying on an iPhone. 

Using the Apple Watch Hardware

Some users never notice the button below the digital crown. You may even go for weeks without realizing that it exists. Therefore, you need to learn about the hardware. Digital crown: it does more than take you to the home screen from the watch face. It can be used to scroll up/down when using an app or zooming while in the app screen. 

Side button: this one lets you access three important features. Click it to open the most recent apps—then you can switch back and forth. Hold it down to bring up the Emergency SOS and Power Off screen. Lastly, hold it down for a while and the device will shut down.

As a bonus, you can take a screenshot by holding down the digital crown and the side button simultaneously. Force touch: place your finger on the screen lightly and then press against the display. If you do this on the watch face screen, you will be given the option to customize your watch face. You can also use it on app screens. 

Apple Watch Gestures

Drag and tap: place and drag your finger on the app screen to move the apps.

Swipe down: within an app, this gesture will scroll up a page or list. On the watch face screen, it will bring up the notification center.

Swipe up: within an app, this gesture scrolls down a page. On the watch face, it will open a hidden control panel. 

Swipe right/left: this gesture changes the watch face when you perform it on the watch face screen. Within an app, the functionality will depend on the app. 

Zoom tap: double tap on a screen using two fingers.

Read Emails, Respond to Texts and Place Calls

These three functions work just as they do on your iPhone. Everything is straightforward—you don’t have to jump through special hoops. 

Use Siri

Speak to your phone and give Siri a command. It is as simple as that. If you don’t get an answer, open Settings > General > Siri. Toggle Raise to Speak and Hey Siri. 

Start a Workout

There is a Workout app and an Activity app. The latter monitors daily activity while the former monitors specific workouts. You cannot customize the Activity app. For the Workout app:

Open the app.

Choose a workout.

Tap it to start tracking.

Swipe right and tap End when you are done. 

Customize Your Apple Watch

You can customize the watch on its Settings app or the Watch app on your iPhone. 

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