Cash and Credit Apps

Cash and Credit Apps To make Money

These days everybody has smart phones, since they require apps to do almost anything, we all spend a lot of our time on them. So how awesome would it be if you could make money just from using them?

Obviously you’re not going to get rich just by doing this, but it will top up your bank balance. It doesn’t seem like a bad deal when you consider all you have to do is watch a short video, take a survey or even do nothing other than download the app and you can earn cash from your mobile apps.

Here is a list of apps that pay to get you started…

InboxDollars is a cool and free app that pays you for watching videos; the brand wants as many people as possible to see their advertisements. You can get cash credited to your account every time you watch one short video. Another bonus to this app is you get $5 just for signing up.

On Letgo you can sell your old clothes. Whether it’s a prom dress, a wedding dress, or you simply have too many pairs of jeans. Declutter your wardrobe and see what you can find.

How often do you get receipts? Just from taking pictures of them you can earn cash back with Ibotta.

All you do is…

1) Sign up to Ibotta

2) The offers change every week so browse through offers in your local area before you go shopping and take a snap of your receipt.

Once your earnings have reached $20 you can get your payment via PayPal or Venmo. Ibotta even gives users a $10 sign up bonus on your first receipt.

Out of all the beneficial survey apps out there, Ipsos I-say mobile app is one of the best. The Better Business Bureau has rated them A+.

Even though you won’t qualify for every survey, the ones you do qualify for can earn you $5 for a 30 minute survey.

When you think of ride sharing you don’t usually associate it with earning an income, but you should. With the demand for ride sharing going up, driving with Lyft app offers a way of using this demand to earn cash.

All you need to be eligible is 21 or older, have at least one year’s driving experience  and own a car that was made anytime from 2007 onwards as well as a background check. I’m not just talking about earning pocket money here either; some drivers are earning $750 per week income from this app.

SavvyConnect is where you can earn money from doing literally nothing other than downloading the app. Just install the software onto your device and it does the rest for you. While you’re using your device as usual and browsing the internet, SavvyConnect gets to work by including you in behavioral market research without being intrusive.

You can sign up multiple devices and get paid $5 per month per device (That’s $180 per year for just 3 devices.

This software is currently compatible with the following devices;

1) IPhones or iPads running IOS 8.0 or higher.

2) Android devices running OS4.1 and newer.

3) Computers running Windows XP SP3 or higher.

It is not available on a Macbook.

Stash is an investment app, but one that literally anyone can use, it’s that easy to invest!

All you do is download the app and then set up an account with the same email address, and then choose from a set of simple portfolios. It does the rest for you, and you’re seeing a bonus within days.

With everything available to download these days most of us have tons of cd’s and video games that are no longer used, and are cluttering up our house. Not to mention old hardware like game consoles, tablets, and cell phones.

With the Declutter app you can sell all of the above without having to deal with individual listings and buyers. All you do is scan each barcode with your cell phone and Declutter makes you an offer, you can sell all your stuff in bulk and they email you shipping labels to cover the cost. You pack your item in any box and stick the label on and shipping is free.

Acorns are a smartphone app that helps you invest your pocket change.  Acorns will connect to your bank account and debit card to save your digital change. By connecting to the app and forgetting about it, you could save loads and you even get $10 for signing up.

With modern banking so simple, it’s easy to forget exactly what recurring payments you have going out, Netflix, charity donations, magazine subscriptions and memberships are just some of them.

Trim is an app that helps you keep all of these under control so you know exactly where your money’s going every month.

It connects to your bank account and phone number, and then analyses your transaction history for recurring payments. When it finds one you get sent a text and cancels any subscriptions you don’t want to keep.

Uber Eats is awesome app lets you earn money by driving food to hungry people and you only have to meet these requirements;

1) Be at least 19 years old and have one year’s experience driving with a license, insurance and vehicle registration

2) Be able to lift 30lbs (pounds)

You set your own hours and earn when you want. You can even deliver on bicycles.

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