Affiliate Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Affiliate Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Bloggers and social media influencers with followers are the world’s best affiliate marketers today. In an affiliate-marketing contract, an entrepreneur arranges with a blogger or social media personality who is interested in representing their product. The affiliate marketer is responsible for promoting the service or product through banners, testimonials, links, or any other content.

In this particular contract, the entrepreneur does not pay the marketer before they start promoting the product. Rather the affiliate marketer earns a commission when a transaction is made through their link. This is a win for both parties since the affiliate gets to earn commission and the entrepreneur enjoys more customers and increased sales. The following points are important to an entrepreneur considering the affiliate marketing program. Affiliate marketing is more efficient when the entrepreneur has an online store.

However, you may end up losing your valuable affiliates in the case of technical glitches which lead to lost sales and consequently, lost revenue for the affiliate. To be able to properly integrate your store with the affiliate program, you should consider third-party affiliate programs like Rakuten, ShareASale, Avantlink, and CJ Affiliate.

With the affiliate-marketing program, you pay the affiliate a percentage of every sale generated from their site or activity. Facilitating traffic for a store is simple and sometimes it only involves placing a hyperlink strategically in a relevant article. This being the case, affiliates with numerous of followers will have products they can represent. You, therefore, need to set a reasonable commission per conversion.

It is advisable to only use affiliate marketing for products that range from $60 to $100. This way, many sales can be generated at a reasonable commission. With lower priced products, the commission will be too low, and an affiliate may decline the agreement. There are very many successful affiliates and they have all worked hard to build the influence they now have.

All affiliates have their specific niches.  You should look for and enter into an agreement with the ones operating within your industry. If your specialty is high-end culinary hardware then look for affiliates who are industry consultants, restaurant owners, foodies and other related fields. They can share links and information about your products on their social media pages, blogs, and websites.

An entrepreneur must be willing to enter into a significant affiliate-marketer contract if they want to work with big affiliate marketers. Without proper disclosure, the reputation of both the affiliate and the entrepreneur can be damaged. It also breaks the Federal Trade Commission rules.

An entrepreneur should always check the affiliate’s articles and reviews especially those that talk about their products. More importantly, the advertiser must make sure an advertising service is providing training and guidance to its bloggers and ensure they make substantial and truthful statements. 

Affiliate marketing, if used correctly, can be of great benefit to an entrepreneur. With most people spending their time on blogs and social media, this is a great way attract views. Ensure that you set up an online store and be prepared for technical glitches. Make use of the right affiliates and always ensure transparency and honesty. Finally, remember to set an appropriate price so that both of you may benefit.

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