Secrets to Facebook Success

Secrets to Facebook Success

Facebook is one of the leading social media sites globally with over 1.28 billion users who log into it daily.  Mark Zuckerberg one of the Facebook co-founders is deemed to be among the most successful people. He realized some of the top secrets in establishing a growing social media site. Here are some of the secrets of Facebook success;

1. Moving Fast

Zuckerberg did not have a business plan on Facebook.  He simply built the application software during his free time at Harvard. He did not seek advice from business people and his friends; he simply implemented his project. Unlike most of the entrepreneurs who conduct market research for their products, Zuckerberg built the Facebook application and launched it on the market.

2. Ideas are about execution

 Since the inception of Facebook, there has been a legal fight on whom the real owner of Facebook is.  Two Harvard seniors claimed that Zuckerberg had stolen their application. Ideas need to be executed. 

3. Simplicity

The infrastructure used to build Facebook is simple. Instead of sophisticated products that take a lot of time to grow, build a simple product, and it will function in the shortest time possible.

4. Creativity

With the growth in access to the internet worldwide, there was no product similar to Facebook in existence.  Zuckerberg created a new product.

5. Identity

Twitter at some point competed with Facebook in popularity. However, Facebook prevailed since there are few pseudo accounts as people use their real names, unlike handles. 

6. Identifying pitfalls

One thing that could bring Facebook down is its infrastructure.  Several social media sites had sprung but failed in holding the user’s population. Zuckerberg started by adding small groups of people until he was certain Facebook could manage multiple registrations.

7. Focus on the product

 Despite the income generated through advertisements on Facebook, Zuckerberg has focused on the Facebook sole purpose, socialization.

8. People

 The strength of Facebook lay in the great team of workers. A good company depends on the kind of people that are hired and also fired.

9. Maintain control

Any successful company has to maintain the control of customers, employees, and shareholders. There should be a balance of the interests of these three groups of people.

10. Cultivate a team of advisors

From the beginning, Zuckerberg was the CEO of Facebook despite having poor leadership qualities.  Later on, he built a team of advisors who helped him develop CEO qualities.

11. Ignore Critics

Not all critics are healthy for business development. Learn to put up with the people’s critics.  Zuckerberg was criticized for being a bad leader.   It never derailed his quest for growth and advancing in his passion.

12. Ignore most of the would be partners and deal markers

Some people are out to make an impact through a change of your agenda.  Ignore the input that can take you off your vision. However, look out for potential business partners.

13. Aim on the Long-term

 The main goal of any business idea is crucial. Despite the up and downs during the business developmental stages, focus on the ultimate goal for many decades.

The thirteen secrets helped Zuckerberg build a strong team of workers. With Zuckerberg as the CEO, Facebook value continues to grow as it serves its core purpose of connecting people.

Most people use social media platforms for connecting with their friends. Did you know that Facebook generates a lot of money? During the first quarter of 2017, Facebook generated a whopping $7.01 Billion. Still, marketers use other social media platforms in making money. 

Here, we are going to show you ways in which you can make money with your Facebook account, from creating advertisements, custom making fan pages and the creation of applications.

1. Facebook Shop

It has two versions free and paid applications. Create an e-store where you can sell your products.  Basically, you will own a store on Facebook.

2. Magic Moments

Café Express created Magic moments to enable users to take a picture or a video of their products and effectively sell them online. The platform is mainly for artistic work such as customized mugs.

3. Garage Sale

The garage sale is an application connected to buy. Com. It enables someone to sell used items and make extra money virtually.

4. Zazzle

Zazzle application has got a neat feature “my merch store.” You can use it to sell items through connecting it to your Facebook page. 

5. eBay

You can promote your eBay listing on Facebook and make sales. 

6. Easy social shop

The easy social shop is a free application.  It enables one to import all your products from the application store to your Facebook page. Once the product is on the Facebook page, you can market it to millions of Facebook users.

7. Facebook Marketplace

People think of eBay as the only online shopping place. However, you can still sell your products on the Facebook marketplace. The products may vary from baby items, toys, and even furniture.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Links are an important way of informing family and friends on the items you are selling. However, do not send multiple links that make people suspect it for scamming.

Affiliate marketing requires that you sign up on a marketing site such as Purchase junction. Search the marketplace for a product to promote. Acquire your distinct link for marketing and then share it with your contacts on Facebook.

9. Publish a Facebook Kindle E-book

 Not all people are techno-savvy. People still rely on e-books to guide them. Consider publishing a book on how to use Facebook or any other interesting title.

10. Facebook Blogging

Create a Facebook blog and update it on a daily or a weekly basis. On the blog, you could run advertisements or offer services such as custom making fan pages. In this way, you will earn revenue.

11. Develop your own Facebook Application

 If you can code, an application is a great way of earning revenue. The app features will help users, and you can sell it.

12. Do sponsored Likes and shares

People like and share posts to earn income.

13. Marketing expert specialist

If you are an expert in marketing, you can sell your skills to earn income.

14. Sell Likes and Shares

Sites like Fiverr allow anyone to place a gig and sell their likes or shares on a specific Facebook page.

15. Custom made fan pages

Create Unique Fan pages and sell them to customers.

The fifteen strategies enable one to choose the best way to earn money online. Also, there is a variety of options if one method fails.

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