Marketing Drone Photography Business

Marketing Drone Photography Business

The arrival of drones and the internet seems to be perfect timing for the technological world, especially for photography enthusiasts. If you love everything photography, you can build a business online using your drone and make the best of both worlds. This may sound a bit complicated, but it is the easiest type of business that you can start with the least capital requirement. 

Use Social Quant

This tool helps you increase your presence on Twitter, depending on your keywords input. The Quant scans twitter automatically, searching conversations with the input keywords. It then analyzes the profiles to determine their worthiness. Besides, the tool will also automatically follow the profile owners, in which case some of them are likely to follow you back. But if they do not follow you for some time, it will unfollow them to keep your follower and following ratio at optimum. 


Email is essential in the digital world, having been around for a number of years but still valuable. It is still one of the best ways of connecting with others and can be helpful if you want to get in touch with several people. You can use cold emailing to build your online business by bringing potential clients your way. These can be realtors, golf courses, hotels, construction companies, and resorts to mention but a few.


This platform is among the best places online to bring businesses your way, especially in cases where you engage a business to business approach. Most drone pilot pros use this trick, and it can work for you as well. It all starts by ensuring your LinkedIn profile reflects what you do as well as why you do it. Also, remember to link your account to your other sites and contact information to keep your prospect clients well-directed. 

Facebook ads

Most business owners do not seem to recognize the power of Facebook in growing their enterprises. This platform is among the most important areas you can advertise your content to your target audience with impressive results. The best thing about it is that the audience here is well detailed. So you can target people according to their particular occupation in a certain city, state or country or several areas all at once. You can also target people on what they like, whether it’s a hobby, food, games, magazine or such. 


When it comes to some of the best sources of online classified ads, this has to be one of them. Craigslist is useful if you are looking to attract new potential clients effortlessly and passively. All you need to do is put up a Craigslist ad to promote your service.

In today’s world, technology has seen significant developments to the realization of small unmanned aerial systems in the public markets. This has seen much innovation as well. At last, the two can be useful together, and with a high level of performance in photography. However, drones have also been used for other purposes as well. But when it comes to using them for commercial functions, these machines have proved reliable, and enterprises are taking advantage of the opportunity to the fullest.

Aerial surveys have dominated in topography, cartography, archaeology, and feature recognition as well as GIS applications. It has been reliable in helping get a clear picture on terrestrial sites, which is hard to measure from the ground. And while this sector has been dominated by piloted helicopters and planes, drones are proving to be a match for the task and becoming a darling for many.

 With these machines, many operators are making a breakthrough in digital photogrammetric mapping as well as photography services. This is all thanks to the drone’s cost efficiency and ability to descend to lower altitudes that are not possible with the heavier crafts.

Aerial photography involves the capture of photographs on the ground surface from an elevated/eye in the sky to earth (bird’s eye view) position. Usually, in such a setting, the photo-taking device is not hinged to any ground based foundation. Equipment used for the eye in the sky photo sessions are inclusive of helicopters, light fixed wing planes, drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), hot air balloons, helium balloons, kites, dirigibles and blimps, sizable rockets, specially trained birds, parachutes, self-standing telescopes and auto-mobile mounted poles.

Drone utility is rapidly growing around the world outside the renowned confines of the military sector. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are remotely controlled and used majorly by the military in battlefronts for ambushing the enemy’s camp by dropping bombs or other improvised explosives. The military also utilizes drones for surveillance purposes to collect intelligence on their adversary.

The military could also use particular drones to deliver food to troops on the front lines in warring times. The lightweight UAVs come in handy in case of difficulty and risk tasking if the warfare operation is too dangerous for the soldiers.

In the past, however, civilians and corporations have gained traction in developing and using drones to wade through non-combat applications such as surveying vast terrain of farm land (plantations and ranches), photography and motion picture film-making for commercial interests.

There is a lot involved that anyone should consider and understand about UAVs technology before deciding to venture into unmanned aerial vehicle photography. In such, if you have made up your mind to invest in an aerial drone photography enterprise, you must gather all available literature and know how to have access regarding drone technology and thoroughly understand the pros and cons.

Just like every other business, there is the possibility of emerging obstacles now and then regarding being an amateur or not having prior knowledge in the field. Competition in the industry could also prove a hindrance, but if the drone operator remains focused and disciplined to the course of growing and expanding the firm, the chances are high in achieving success. If you are deliberating on establishing an aerial photography company, you must remain dedicated, willful and focused towards ascending the enterprise towards a set goal.

The industry to which drone photography business falls into is indeed very fast. This coupled with the fact that it is still an expanding field of expertise and very much alive and dynamic in the United States of America, South Korea, Russia, China, Germany, Japan and even most recently in the developing continents of the world, including Africa.

Despite the fact that the UAV photography industry seems fragile and young, there is a positive prospect for the sector especially when it cascades to leveraging the emerging trends in tech-knowledge. Encouragement is accorded to potential investors to go into the drone photography field because of the vast opportunities available in the industry. The industry is, in fact, a growing and profitable sector especially if it is adequately set and promoted. An aspiring entrepreneur could start on a relative scale working for just a private company or could go full blown on a mega-scale working for both government establishments and big corporations who are into research and such fields of work.

If interested in starting a drone photography company, you may carve a niche per your custom specifics. Whatever niche you venture into, you must ensure to research your market and survey to ascertain that indeed you are capable of attracting enough profitable contracts.

Popularity and actual accessibility of drone technology have opened up unlimited possibilities for aviation enthusiasts and videographers in equal measures. Mastering a tactful takeoff and landing, and skillful maneuver of drones through a series of drill accords give you the basic command needed to translate a UAV flying hobby into profits as an entrepreneur.

Regulations could usher in unprecedented obstacles to a fledgling enterprise, but, if catered to cautiously, you could generate extra income on the side transacting above head clips of weddings, real estate, and other scenarios regarding demanded aerial footage.

Below are some vital considerations to make while assessing a startup in drone technology video coverage on a commercial basis.

The highest costs you will encounter in drone-entrepreneurship are the legal fees involved. UAV enterprise is to date a relatively novel entity, and authorities tasked with streamlining such as the Federal Aviation Administration (or FAA) are continually developing dynamics meant to deal with the establishment.

If you wish to venture into flying drones around covering photos and video (profitable enterprise) in events and for maintenance, or for security services, you must go through an approval process that in turn allows them to apply for and obtain a Section 333 Exemption. The process will be undoubtedly demanding. This legal aid is critical. A drone law specialized team will come in handy when you fill out needed applications; collect, assembly of, and submission of all the required documents. They will also assist in following up with the regulators once your paperwork has been received.

To prospective drone-entrepreneurs some of the costs would prove too steep, however not all is lost. Other avenues like repair and maintenance services or training other individuals interested that are viable for exploration and engagement.

Regardless of the drone-related enterprise, you want to invest in; it’s vital to ensure you are on the safe side with the stipulated regulations to avoid boisterous fine slaps. Listen to an expert legal aid, and take the time to ensure this is the right thing to do.

Drones are different shapes, sizes, and pricing. The reality of cost could be anywhere from one hundred dollars to several tens of thousands of dollars. 

One of the biggest cost denominators is the camera mounted to the UAV. To capture professional studio-quality images, you will need a drone with a 4K camera. The 4K camera ensures that the videos shot will be of a horizontal resolution of around 4,000 pixels.

The drone selected is one of the most prime decisions in establishing your drone enterprise, and thus you must deeply deliberate soberly before making any decisions. It is a prerequisite to finding a drone that is convenient to fly and is assembled to your specific comfort level. 

You need to go into your venture prepared for any event of accidentally damaging the drone. Drone liability insurance protects not only the hardware, but also from any liability in the unfortunate occurrence you crash your drone into something of value or happen to injure someone. Note that as the regulations around drones shift, insurance requirements will as well. Keep a keen eye on emerging policies to be sure.

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