Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Email Marketing for Ecommerce

You need to venture into email marketing if you want your ecommerce business to thrive in 2018. Competition is really heating up and you have to enhance your relationships with your customers and leads. You might already be using email marketing but with no specific strategy.

Use the tips below to come up with a clear strategy and increase your ROI.  Who are you trying to reach? Every email sent to your list is an opportunity to get personal with a potential customer. If the content you are sending does not resonate with your recipients or encourage them to take a certain action, then you are not doing much. How do you know your audience?

  • Check your customer data: dig in the data you have of your customers to find any trends relating to purchasing habits, location, and age and use it to communicate with your list.
  • Build audience personas: create several audience personas then reference and refine them over time.
  • Check data from social pages: if you have a social media page check its analytics about your audience. 

Build An Actual Strategy

Most ecommerce business owners never take the time to create an actual strategy for their email marketing campaign. Here is why you should strive to have one:

  • A strategy enhances your focus.
  • A strategy helps you know which methods are working and which ones are not.
  • A strategy promotes accountability.
  • A strategy helps you have clear goals.
  • A strategy can be created and improved over time.
  • You can hand a strategy over to someone else.

One of the biggest and most common mistakes in email marketing is sending only promotional and sales emails to your recipients. Other types of campaigns help to grow relationships and loyalty. First, map out the typical journey of a customer buying from you.

As a marketer you should know how to send emails throughout the buyer journey and move the customer along towards conversion. Your wording matters a lot in email marketing. Try to write like an actual person, with authenticity to connect with your audience. Add a voice, personality and style to your email. Keep this in mind when creating content:

  • Do not try too hard to be funny or clever.
  • Use active voice, for instance, “we are processing your order” instead of “your order is being processed.
  • Write the way you would speak.
  • Let a real person write your email.
  • Use emojis and exclamation marks if you need to.

When people feel that they are personally connected to your brand, they will want to visit your site and even make purchases. To personalize emails, include first names in greetings and subject lines, consider seasons and holidays, have special offers for different segments of your list, etc. Ask your recipients what they think of the customer experience in your brand.

When they give feedback, you will not be working based on assumptions anymore. In the process of asking and receiving feedback, customers will trust you more and you will be able to improve your business. 

Email marketing is the best way to promote your business online. About 80% of retailers have confirmed that email marketing is the most effective method of attracting and retaining customers. More than 90% of customers in the USA open their email everyday, which increases the purchase rate to three times more than social media marketing.

Running an email campaign might not seem like much of a task but having a strategy is crucial. You need talent and skill to make sure you are targeting the right audience, having them open your email and spend money. Email verification software is an important aspect of this entire process to make sure that your list is clean which will translate to a higher ROI and accurate metrics.

Use of artificial intelligence tools will support your efforts and help you with competition. AI programs can analyze huge amounts of data with more efficiency and accuracy than humans. With so much incoming data, they will identify patterns and trends that the average human eye cannot. The additional data gives an idea on how to enhance your email campaign.

A significant number of studies have proven that optimized subject lines increase the chances of users opening your email. 30% of recipients will open an email because of the subject line while 70% will mark it as spam based on it. AI programs use your subject lines to choose successful keywords. They compare your email open rates to determine which keywords work in the subject lines, which ones should be dropped and any improvements that can be made.

Persado and Phrasee are some of the companies already offering marketers AI platforms to suggest subject line and content ideas. It doesn’t matter the size of your email list, these companies have all the resources you will need to improve your email campaign efficiency even for smaller lists. The recipients in your lists have virtual habits, much like in the real world. Maybe they check their email in the morning, surf just before they go to sleep, or shop during certain breaks.

People are more likely to respond positively at the time they choose to open and reply to their emails. That is, users pick their own schedule and will most likely show interest at their preferred time of undertaking a particular task. AI platforms will take the load off you and assess your recipients’ preferred time of opening emails.

The platforms will also analyze the type of emails that get more positive responses at certain times of the day. Personalization has significantly increased open and response rates. There are many types of personalization such as adding the client’s name in the subject line. Another form of personalization involves sending content that is tailored precisely for a recipient’s needs. AI platforms automate this process, saving you a lot of time and effort. Email campaign planners should do themselves a favor and learn about AI instead of sitting and waiting. Get ahead of your competitors.

The online marketplace is ever changing. A marketing tactic can be effective today and obsolete tomorrow. Email, however, keeps outperforming all the other marketing channels. Why is email so powerful? What makes it stay in power? It is easy to overlook email as a marketing channel. You may not find it trendy and exciting like Facebook. But it has key advantages over other channels.

Take a look at the demographics of popular social media platforms. Women use Pinterest the most while Snapchat is for the younger generation. On the other hand, almost everyone has an email address.  People willingly submit their email addresses and they obviously expect to receive emails from you. The readiness of your subscribers naturally increases your conversion rates.

If Facebook goes down, you lose your entire following. Email marketing allows you to have your own subscribers. Use social media to boost your email list. Automated marketing technology keeps on improving steadily and that is why email marketing is so effective. Being able to customize a customer’s experience and send targeted content to consumers drives more conversions and sales for businesses. 

Email personalization has greatly contributed to a rise in open and click-through rates. Marketing technology has made the otherwise tedious task of personalizing emails very simple. Advanced segmentation options have made it possible to tailor your email messages for specific consumer groups in your email list. The customer journey is not as simple as it used to be. Consumers use their smartphones to research a product and then use their desktop to complete the purchase.

Email marketing allows marketers to reach customers on various devices at whatever stage of purchase. Email has been proven to be very effective in acquiring leads and marketing automation has only made it better. It is simple to create a campaign geared towards new subscribers, welcoming them to your list. Email helps you convince a potential customer that your brand is the best.

Triggered emails increase the chances of closing a deal. Offering a valuable tool for deepening the relationship with existing customers. Send helpful guides or discounts to loyal customers via email. Email marketing is a safe investment for online businesses compared to paid search. It reaches more people and has more potential. 

For every $1 you spend on email marketing, it brings in $40, hence a better ROI than most channels. All statistics concerning email marketing are evidence of how effective it is. It is a requirement for anyone that wants more conversions.

Upcoming trends and technology promise a bright future for email. Google has shown confidence in email and is even investing in it. Video is a hot trend in digital marketing and it is now being used in email marketing. Artificial intelligence is responsible for enhanced segmentation and personalization of email. As it continues to advance, email marketing potential can only increase. 

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