How Does the LinkedIn Algorithm Work?

How Does the LinkedIn Algorithm Work?

The updates made to the LinkedIn algorithm over the last two years have caused a 50% rise in viral activity. 

The product management senior director, Pete Davies, says that the mantra is, “the people you know talking about the things you care about.”

This is a simple principle, both in practice and theory. And you can use it to your benefit. 

How Does the Algorithm Work?

There are two primary goals:

  • Promote engagement
  • Prioritize relevant content

Relevancy is prioritized over recency. The homepage feed shows you “top” posts by default. But you can choose to see “recent” posts. 

This update encourages small accounts to create content and increases engagement. 

The Top Three Ranking Signals

These are the three signals used by the LinkedIn algorithm to filter and then rank posts.

Personal Connections

Following people on the platform doesn’t mean that you know them personally. 

To determine personal connections, the algorithm considers explicit and implicit signals. It checks your recent interactions and the information on your profile. 

Interest Relevance

You may not like the content that all your personal connections post. So LinkedIn assesses your interests based on the hashtags, pages and people you follow, as well as the groups you have joined. 

Engagement Probability

When it comes to this component, there are two stages. 

First, LinkedIn evaluates how likely you are to react, comment or share a post based on what you have interacted with in the past. It also checks the people you interact with the most. 

Secondly, how quickly a post starts getting interactions also matters. Posts that get feedback quicker are more likely to be shown in the feed. 

Beating the LinkedIn Algorithm: 8 Tips

Be Relevant

Know your audience. That is very important. Check your competitor’s audience and use analytics from your other social media platforms to build a persona. This will help you understand what your audience likes. 

Be sure to include images and videos too. Those get more engagement that plain text. 

Promote Posts

Include relevant hashtags and keywords. And don’t forget to tag relevant members and companies as well. Create your own branded hashtag too.

Encourage Engagement

Ask your audience questions and let them share their insights and opinions. Once they share, reply to their comments.

Go Niche

Niche ideas and posts inspire better conversations. So instead of focusing on something broad, narrow down. 

Know When to Post

You want your posts to get likes and comments quicker so they can be favored by the algorithm. You should post when users are online. Research extensively on the right times to post, depending on your location.

Build Your Network

Complete your profile and add connections. Create a group or join existing ones. Be sure to interact with people on the platform as well. 

Use LinkedIn Analytics

This lets you know what posts are performing well and why. If something works, use it again. 

Be Personal

Use a friendly and approachable voice. Avoid excess corporate jargon. Try to appear genuine and relatable. 

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