The Extraordinary Life of Nikola Tesla

The Extraordinary Life of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was born approximately at midnight, between July 9 and July 10th 1856, during a lighting storm. According to family legend, during the birth a midwife put her hands in the air and declared the lightning a bad omen. “This child will be a child of darkness”, she reportedly said, to which Nikola’s mother replied: “No. He will be a child of light.”

Nikola Tesla’s predictions for the 21st Century mark him as a visionary. He envisioned a clean environment and healthy food. He also predicted a shift from focusing on politics to focusing on scientific inventions. He idealized robots. Nikola Tesla held meetings in the 1930s with Journalists of notable publications such as Times Magazine and New York Times.However,Nikola Tesla had a very close relationship with a German Journalist known as George Sylvester Viereck.

George Sylvester Viereck served a five-year jail term from 1942 to 1947. Tesla died in 1943. It is not known if the two were still friends in the 1940s when the Government showed so much interest in Viereck’s activities. Viereck’s jail sentence was because he failed to disclose in America of his NAZI Regime affiliations. He was German-American, lived in Riverside drive in New York and was a noted Nazi regime affiliated propagandist. Nikola Tesla held interviews in his Manhattan home, the 20th floor of Governor Clinton hotel. He talked of his early days as an inventor and his predictions for the 21st Century.

What made this relationship unique was that Nikola Tesla’s relationship with Viereck went as far as him dining at Viereck’s home. While Nikola would entertain journalists in his home, he visited Viereck at his home. Nikola Tesla predicted a few things that are happening exactly as he envisioned. He talked about a cleaner environment. He said that the pollution happening on the Beaches of the city would be a strange phenomenon soon. Thirty -five years later, the EPA was formed. The Environmental Protection Program (EPA) in US, an agency that deals with the cleanliness of the environment.

He mentioned that sterilizing drinking water would be the norm. The 21st Century would put emphasis on clean water supply. Tesla talked of a shift from political squabbles and supremacy in war to scientific Ideas and education. He predicted that in the 21st Century, Governments would allocate most of their budgets to education and science rather than war. Governments were war oriented in the 1930s.

Tesla developed a strange habit of eating milk and honey only. He lost weight and looked malnourished by the early 1940s. This habit led to the belief that he had no money at the end of his life. He claimed that these foods were the purest forms of natural foods. Although he went overboard with this idea, people are health conscious in the 21st Century. The 21st Century has had diets evolve to healthier choices. Tesla baffled people with his automatic boat in an exhibition held at the Madison Square Electrical Exhibition in 1898. He patented his automatic boat in the late 1890s and put it up at the exhibition.

His invention looked strange at the time, but Tesla saw automated machines coming in the 21st Century. He said “automatons” or robots would replace slave labor. He spoke of obtaining solutions by mastering machines and not destroying them. Tesla predicted cheap energy for harnessing water power and its transmission (piping), avoiding the need to burn fuel. He also predicted systematic reforestation that would greatly reduce forest fires. Nikola Tesla clearly saw the needs of human values like clean air, healthy food, and automation in the 21st Century.

Tesla and Einstein were two rare characters. Apparently, the two men were obsessed with their scientific work. The world viewed the two guys as crazy since what they engaged in was out of the ordinary. Tesla was an American inventor with mechanical designs using Beam technology. As a futurist technologist, Tesla contributed to the design of the current electricity alternating system.  He is deemed as a physicist, mechanic, and electrical designer.

Born a German Physicist, Albert Einstein was a theorist. He contributed to the development of relativity theory; one of the main physics pillars.  Einstein has influenced the growth of modern science. The similarities between the two great men eventually lead to their meeting. During Tesla’s 75th birthday in 1931, Times Magazine featured him on their cover. The magazine requested Einstein to comment on Tesla. He wrote a short and precise letter to Tesla.

Einstein applauded Tesla as a great innovator in the current systems and congratulated him on the success of his work. Earlier in the 1920s, Tesla after meeting a poet got an invite for dinner. During the dinner, Tesla due to his competitive nature had drafted a poem as a dedication to his host.  He wanted to prove to his host that he too could write poems. The poem titled Fragments of the Olympian Gossip was a critic of Einstein’s work as part of the scientific discoveries of the day. 

It is sarcastic of Tesla to mock inventions given that he could not prove any of his personal innovations were practical in any way. Later on, in 1935, while conversing with New York Times Magazine, Tesla was quick in criticizing Einstein.  In his critique, Tesla asserted that Einstein was like a beggar adorned in royal robes that could easily pass for a king for some people. He tried to disapprove of the relativity theory.  He also stated that Einstein relativity theory was just a collection of false ideas and a multitude of errors. Declaring that the knowledge imparted by the scientific theories were not in line with great scientists.

Also saying that Einstein theory was opposed to common sense. Stating that relativity theory used mathematical knowledge to cover up the falsity of the theory that lay underneath it.  Though he admits the theory excites and amazes people, Tesla states it is only people who lack wisdom.  Tesla declared that the inventors were mere meta physicists and not actual scientists. 

Interestingly, stating that the relativity theory was not proven yet none of his personal works were proven until many years later. It was said that in an interview when Einstein was asked to state something about being a great man in the world. However, Einstein told the reporters to look for Nikola Tesla to give his comment. Apparently, there was a strained relationship between Tesla and Einstein. The reference of the interview to Tesla for a comment was obviously a sarcastic comment and not a compliment. 

Though considered as insane by many, Tesla magic of three forms the basis of creation.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

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