Virtual Reality Business Opportunities

Virtual Reality Business Opportunities

Did you always wish to be your own boss? Does new technology excite you? If the answer to both questions is yes, then you definitely know about VR and at one point or another, you have considered starting a VR business. Well, you can make money selling VR experiences. 

Virtual reality is an artificial environment and it does not restrict your imagination. You also don’t need heavy-duty computers or other complex machines; a phone/computer and VR headset are enough. Virtual reality technology lets you experience a new reality and here is why you should create a VR business.

To begin with, VR is every marketer’s dream. What could be better than letting people have a taste of your product or experience?

Secondly, VR is advancing rapidly and it does not require a genius to create a business from it. 360-degree cameras are available at an affordable price and you can create amazing experiences using Viar360. 

Finally, giant companies already tested VR and the outcomes are encouraging. 

If you have saved a little money and you are wondering what to do, why don’t you open a VR café or pub? Fill it with VR glasses and tips about VR apps. Purchase branded Google cardboard glasses which are compatible with mobile phones to allow everyone to enjoy the apps. You may later upgrade to offering glasses like HTC Vive or Oculus.

You can serve coffee and other beverages during the day and offer advice on the best VR apps. At night, you can make your café a concert venue where your customers can enjoy a 360-degree view.

There are like a gazillion marketing agencies already and you may be thinking, “Another one?” But this is different. Create one that is wholly based on VR. Virtual reality presents a whole new way of introducing products. Clients will be able to experience services and products first hand from real estate to e-commerce to travel agencies.

Most companies have no idea how a perfect VR campaign is created. Learn all you can about it and do it for them. You can check out some of the inspiring examples featured in Forbes. 

Taking 360-degree photos has been simplified and the cameras are also much cheaper now. Simple tools to help you process the perfect 360-degree photos and videos are being created every day. For instance, the Viar360 is readily available.

Dating agencies can enable users to upload 360view photos of their best views or video stories. You can also offer them complimentary Google cardboard glasses to perfect their experience. 

VR really simplifies the real estate industry. With the ability to show a house from your home or office, you get to show more homes in a shorter time and attend to more potential buyers. Buyers are also able to virtually walk through properties and compare several houses without having to leave their home.

The VR world is full of opportunities. Opening a VR business is not rocket science anymore. You just need a little money to start you off. Choose the one that works for you and enjoy the experience.  

Virtual Reality technology is a gold mine. Giant corporations like Apple and Google are committing a lot of resources to it. Facebook bought Oculus Rift, a Virtual Reality star and even built a research lab named Area 404 to partially work on Virtual Reality.

Steve Cuffari, a top content marketing manager, said that investing into VR is a wise decision. He added that VR is no longer for gamers alone. It is now possible to virtually house shop, go on vacations or attend concerts and classes.

How can you take advantage of this amazing technology and use it to earn money? 

1.    Create Your Own Virtual Reality Game

The mere thought of creating a video game for VR using your own code may sound overwhelming. However, some corporations such as Steam are making it simple. Stephen R. Foster, a game creator and Multi-Dimensional Games CEO, said that Steam allows you to build your own VR game and earn from it. He added that their secret is allowing developers to utilize HTML, JavaScript, and CSS (the Big Three front-end technologies). Their aim is making the creation of VR content almost as easy as creating a website.

2.    Start a Blog on VR

Who said that you have to be a tech expert to earn revenue off VR? All you need to do is read a lot of content about VR and start blogging. Talk about various VR experiences, platforms and apps. As your blog grows, you can earn from sponsorships and Google ad revenue.

3.    Sell VR Tickets to Your Concerts

If you have a band that is ‘not there’ yet consider VR, it might help. VR technology is able to create virtual front-row concert seats from anywhere. Kore Asian Media, a Los Angeles based company, is banking on this. They are aiming at a world in which sold-out concerts will have unlimited –front-row seat tickets. 

4.    Build VR Real Estate

For graphic designers, it is possible to get hired by a boutique VR corporation to build real estate in their games. A Talented VR designer can come up with a unique architecture style, virtually build it and maybe sell the templates to VR content creators. 

5.    Use VR to Sell ‘Real’ Real Estate 

Real estate agents now have the luxury of showing houses without physical showings. Buyers are able to see as many houses as they want while saving time. A company like WalkThrough creates VR tours for agents to show listed properties to potential buyers. 

This technology also makes it possible to virtually test drive a boat or a car.

6.    Become a VR Professor

Imagine teaching a university or college in another country from the comfort of your home. With VR an independent teacher or tutor can create an informative course and teach it anywhere. Design, engineering, and other technical courses can now be taught digitally. 

VR is one of the best things that ever happened to the world. And being able to earn from it is even better. Almost all these methods do not even require you to leave your home. Pick the one that suits you and start earning.

Normally, the real estate industry changes with time and is quick to embrace technology to enhance its services. However, when it comes to Virtual Reality technology it seems to exhibit skepticism. Those that hesitate to adopt it could be making a grave mistake while those that do could be doing themselves a great favor. 

The two most common problems faced by real estate agents are:

•    Having to manage time visiting one house after another, with obstacles like traffic making it even harder.

•    Having to hear buyers say, “it doesn’t look like the pictures” all the time. 

Virtual reality is the ultimate answer to these two issues. It makes it possible to virtually show many houses in a short time. This improves sales efficiency, allows an agent to attend to more buyers and show more houses.

Take a look at the various ways you can use VR to improve your sales and make real estate a delight.

1.    Guided Virtual Visits

This is a lot more like a promotional video but it is shot and produced in 360 degrees. It is an amazing method for existing properties. Real estate agents will also be able to show properties still under construction. It is possible to produce a virtual visit of an incomplete building by mixing several types of mediums in the virtual experience. By producing a high-quality 3D version of, say the bedroom, a buyer can have a clearer idea of how their future bedroom will look like when it is completed. 

2.    Interactive Virtual Visits

In the spirit of improving virtual visits, this experience can be even more interactive when movement is determined by the user. It is a mind-blowing experience for potential buyers. With almost everyone having heard of VR but yet to try it, this will be life-changing. This experience will have to be accommodated in a mobile app.

This experience is by hotspots that will appear in your field of vision whenever you shift your attention from one side to another. If you keep your sight on the hotspot, you will be transported to the hotspot’s location enabling you to virtually walk through the property at your own speed.

3.    Virtual commerce

Virtual commerce combines the interactive visit explained above and the ability to make custom adjustments to the home. It works just like e-commerce. This is totally amazing since you get to play with designs. 

To use VR you do not need complicated computers and materials like motion sensors. VR technology has made giant steps in the past year and its future is expected to be mobile, through apps.  If your real estate agency has a mobile app then integrating VR is super easy. 

VR technology is a great opportunity for people in real estate. It does not cost an arm and a leg; it is easily incorporated in existing platforms. It is a perfect way to improve your sales efficiency with no need for additional staff.

These are just a few ways but they are great places to start. If you are a VR technology junkie, consider monetizing your passion. This is the time to start thinking about how you will create the next virtual game or how to advise a certain company, be a VR researcher and immerse yourself in something that you really love. Having your passion earn you money is a dream come true.

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