Hemp Product Business Ideas

Hemp Product Business Ideas

Industrial help is now legal, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill that was signed on December 20 by President Trump. What exactly is “industrial hemp”? It is used to refer to a certain variety of cannabis which, according to the law, has a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) level of less than 0.3%. THC is the psychoactive compound. This type of cannabis, therefore, cannot get you high. Basically, industrial hemp is no different from any other hardy crop.

It does not need a lot of pesticides or chemical fertilizers; it grows fast in most soils and absorbs carbon furiously from the atmosphere. This plant can be used in almost every industry—bioplastics, biofuels, construction materials, textiles, medicines and foods. The hemp-CBD and cannabis industries are expected to grow to about $42 billion by 2022.

So, with this kind of potential, what immediate business opportunities does hemp legalization present? Here are five of the biggest. Cosmetic and nutritional products are expected to be the first to get into the market. People already know that hemp has multiple health benefits. Consumers who practice health and wellness buy a lot of hemp milk, hemp seed oil, hemp seed, and many other products made with hemp.

Since CBD products were made legal, they are also buying them—the products are known to treat epilepsy, chronic pain, anxiety, and a host of other conditions. This new freedom, however, is likely to bring new restrictions. The hemp regulatory environment is still being shaped. Farmers and business owners will be required to operate under a structure that has not even been crafted. America is way behind international competition as far as hemp industry is concerned. Business opportunities are about to start mushrooming because of supply chain gaps.

The manufacturing and processing technology being used currently is outdated. The hemp plant is not properly utilized—especially the waste. What gets thrown away is “the real gold”. There is a need for the ability to process hemp fully. Most people think that CBD is a huge part of the wellness benefits of hemp. However, CBD is a category on its own. There is still more research to be done but it has been suggested that CBD can treat multiple conditions.

It is usually in oil form and can be applied topically, vaped, or infused into drink and food. In some small hometowns, the local farmers have been trying for a while to increase their revenue. Even jobs have become scarce with some industries closing. Hemp can turn this situation around. It is a product that moves quickly.

This will be amazing for farmers with little storage capacity. Consumers are excited about using hemp as a raw material. Companies are already using hemp to make clothing. There is also the dramatic opportunity of using hemp—either alone or combined with other plants such as corn—to make bioplastics that are compostable. Hemp is a plant with a myriad of benefits. To show you its true potential, the following is an extensive list of products that you can try.

Foods & Drinks

  • Hemp seeds: these are superfoods like chia and flax seeds.
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Protein powder: this is a vegetarian protein, popular among athletes.
  • Hemp tea
  • Energy bars: these are filled with high-quality ingredients for a quality snack.
  • Hemp coffee
  • Hemp veggie burgers
  • Hemp herbal flavored water
  • Hemp seed butter
  • Hemp milk
  • Hemp vodka
  • Hemp beer
  • Hemp hot dogs
  • Hemp flour: nutritious and gluten-free.
  • Hemp granola: easy to make at home.

Clothing and Accessories

Hemp fabric is superior in that it is more: eco-friendly, durable and breathable.

  • Shirts
  • Jeans: hemp jeans are absorbent and have microbial properties.
  • Hemp shoes
  • Hemp coat/jacket: you can find a wide variety of these at Hoodlamb.
  • Backpacks
  • Yoga pants
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats: check out Tinlid Hats for cool hemp hats.
  • Hemp beanie
  • Wallets
  • Hemp socks: these are way better than cotton.
  • Totes
  • Flip flops (sandals)
  • Belts
  • Scarves: they are cozy, warm, and lightweight.
  • Bow ties and ties
  • Pocket squares and handkerchiefs
  • Bracelets
  • Robes
  • Overalls

Beauty & Skin

Hemp skin care products are superior to conventional products. Here are a few that you should try.

  • Body lotions: they are great for people with skin conditions.
  • Lip Balms
  • Conditioner and shampoo
  • Body wash: hemp soaps are less drying and smoother than traditional soaps.
  • Facial cleanser and cream: hemp oils are best for people with sensitive skin.
  • Hemp sunscreen
  • Hemp serum


  • Hemp extract (CBD)
  • Hemp essential oil
  • Soothing aromatherapy candles: these are made using hemp essential oil. They help you relax.
  • Massage oil
  • Hemp heat muscle rub: CBD (Cannabidiol) helps with arthritis and joint pains.
  • Vape juice


  • Dog toys: hemp toys are very durable.
  • Dog collar & leash: your dog cannot chew through it.
  • Animal bedding
  • Pet tinctures (CBD oil for dogs)


  • Sports cars
  • Biofuel: cars that use regular fuel can use hemp biofuel, no need for new cars.
  • Thermoset compression molding

Home and Office

  • Pens: you can engrave a personal message on hemp pens made by Green Spring Technologies.
  • Hemp sheets
  • Hemp towel
  • Paper
  • Hemp curtains
  • Laundry detergent: it works like normal detergent except it is hypoallergic and non-toxic.
  • Hemp crafts
  • Hemp chair
  • Tablecloths
  • Hemp blankets: they are breathable and perfect for summer. They are also ideal for people with skin conditions.

Farming and Gardening

  • Hemp growing mats
  • Soil cleanup: hemp has deep roots that stabilize the structure of soil.

Industrial and Others

  • Ropes
  • Plastics: hemp plastic is more sustainable and durable.
  • Building homes – hempcrete
  • Oil spill cleanup
  • Hemp flags: hemp makes rustic, durable flags.
  • Hemp batteries: hemp fibers are way more conducive compared to graphene. It is, therefore, a great source of batteries and supercapacitors. 

There are thousands of ways in which hemp can be used. Being eco-friendly and sustainable this is just the beginning.

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