Video Marketing on Facebook

Video Marketing on Facebook

Over the years, Facebook has evolved into paving the way to video ads. Thanks to its creative and market-oriented developers. You can use the following tips to jump-start your marketing with video ads, taking advantage of the new and revolutionary Facebook feature.

When making a Facebook video make sure to be driven by your target audience. Know the products and services they like and are likely to buy. Here you have the advantage of a huge client base that will instantly want to be a part of the buying team once they see you have them in mind and give them what they want.

Be sure to come up with something they will look forward to. One thing you must know about Facebook is that it is not a place for serious ads. Hey, don’t make serious videos, entertain your customers too. This is a simple remedy that will keep them hooked and look forward to your videos, products, and services. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Be careful not to make your customers dull.

Are your videos pinned? You need to get your videos pinned. A powerful tool that gives you the freedom to ‘stick’ your videos at the top of your page; it is simply glued there. Why? To make the videos easily visible and noted, it is guaranteed to be the first post to be seen. A pinned video cannot be pushed anywhere even when you are publishing new content. Do you know why the novel Dear John by Nicholas Sparks was adapted into a movie? Of course you do, people are enticed with watching rather than reading.

Movie’s only take 1 hour and 30 minutes to watch whereas the novel may take you weeks and weeks of reading. Because people prefer videos, why don’t you make more and more to emphasize the importance of your products and services and how they can get them? Adding more high-quality videos is multiplying your fan base. Is your video making sense? Don’t bother begging to be followed or shared. You may annoy potential fans and followers.

Instead, create a meaningful message, one that can easily be understood by your target audience. For instance, create a very short video with the intended message then link the audience to your blog for more information about deals, coupons, and discounts. Also, make sure your video is interactive. Facebook Power Editor is a powerful tool when correctly used as it may yield a good number of new consumers. It is used to create and post videos.

To make it notable, the ads are placed in the news-feed, helping in notifying your user about the video. In other words, be consistent with your message and keep posting new videos regularly. However, make sure the videos are high-quality, interesting, entertaining, and straight to the message. Thanks to Facebook, marketing your products is easier. Go ahead and make your customers want your products through watching your captivating and informed video content. Facebook is among the fastest growing social media platforms. 

The growth is in terms of an increase in the number of subscribers having Facebook profiles. As such, Facebook is a great site for marketing your business. Despite the strategic Facebook marketing platform, some businesses struggle to effectively carry out marketing on Facebook. Here are some tips on successful marketing of your Facebook page. Currently, there are a huge number of business pages on Facebook. Ensure that your Facebook page stands out among others.

Ensure the cover and profile photo reflects the kind of business activities you are engaged in. The description section should give details of the products and provide business contacts. Choose a descriptive and memorable username. Select a vanity universal resource locator that users will easily remember. The Facebook page address will be based on your username.

Choose a username that reflects the kind of business activity that you are engaged in. However, your business page should have at least twenty-five likes to claim a vanity URL. The about section provides an opportunity of using text-based keywords. Ensure that the keywords can help customers in the identification of the page. 

It helps when someone searches for queries; Facebook directs them to your page.  Also, include your URL in the description section. Facebook allows for one pinned post per group.  Make the most use of the post; ensures it is attractive and communicates about your products to potential customers. Ensure you have selected the appropriate business category. Select the best category for your business such as local business and indicate the region covered.

It helps customers in their searches to easily identify your age. Different customers may log into their accounts at various times. Schedule your postings on a weekly basis. Each post should carry key details on any updates on business products. You can schedule the time that your post appears on the Facebook page to create consistency. Enrich the content of your Facebook page posts.

Facebook allows for more than just a text post. Use images and videos to make the Facebook content interesting.  Use Hyperlinks to connect users to descriptive information on the products and services on the page. Encouraging social sharing on your page. To optimize on the number of people of people who get to view your Facebook posts enable the sharing and liking features. 

In this manner, users can get to share your post with their Facebook friends. It increases the customer base. Facebook advertisements are a great way in which you can promote your business.   Alongside your advertisement, there should be a link leading people to your page. However, Facebook advertisements are paid for. Use the advertisements strategically to profit your business.

The tips mentioned are a great way of boosting your Facebook page. Use each tip creatively to attract more fans which means more sales for your products. Facebook Video live is the new feature on the social media site. It brings forth numerous opportunities for business users to connect live, and increase the sale of goods and services.

Here are some ways in which someone can use the Facebook live Video for business; Discussing a topic on the blog post that you have previously posted is a great boost for your business.  Even though you can answer your users’ comments on Facebook live, it is better if you can schedule the live session so as to address each question as it comes forth.

The users’ can either replay the session or watch it live. The Facebook live video is an excellent way of looking into your business through offering behind the scenes pictures.  You can share the process of getting into your line of work with the users. Facebook live is a keyway of promoting an upcoming event in your business.  After the preparations for the event are over, schedule a time to make a special live video on the same.  During the announcement of the event ensure you have a universal resource locator that your fans can easily remember. 

Post the link in the video comments section for users. During the actual event, stream live on Facebook for users who might have missed attending the event. Before you bring in the actual products on the shop, give the viewers a sneak peek into the new arrivals. Consider putting a link to the Live Video to take preorders; maximize on the customers’ excitement on the new product. Use the Facebook live video to answer customers’ questions about your business products.

Customer service is an integral part of entrepreneurial activities. Ensure you answer all questions that come your way, even if it is repeated questions; this may be time-consuming. Live videos provide an opportunity for looking into some of the most asked questions in one instance. The customer service team may help in identification of some common questions.

A customer can replay the sessions later. You can create a Facebook note so that all team members can access the video. Engage with Facebook live group members. Apart from running a Facebook page, you might have a Facebook group where you interact with users. You can have weekly updates of your products and services.  If you run more than one Facebook group, this is a great way of connecting members to a variety of services offered.   Live group broadcasts provide an opportunity for deepening your relationships with people.

Custom settings on the Facebook group, so that you can be the only one making such a live video on the group. Invest in additional voice boosting equipment to ensure audibility. Facebook Video Live is a great way of ensuring customers get a vivid description of the business and its products. It gives a chance of real-time interactivity that boosts connection between the seller and the potential buyers.

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