Earning Miles with Airline Miles Credit Cards

Earning Miles with Airline Miles Credit Cards

Introduction of an airline credit card proved to be an amazing discovery and a boon for frequent travelers. Airline credit cards were aimed at fulfilling the needs of the travelers and thereby encouraging the consumer to spend. Constant and collaborative efforts of credit companies and various airline companies led to the creation of an airline credit card.

Airline miles credit cards is another innovation which allows frequent fliers to count each mile.  These cards work on the same lines as normal credit cards, but differ only in the variety of services they offer and of course their ability of buying an air ticket. Both the cards follow similar procedures for fees and transactions.

Types of Airline Credit Cards

Gold, Platinum Cards are the various forms of popular airline credit cards that are available. Different cards grant a variety of Bonus Miles on the initial credit charged to the card. A Bronze airline credit card gives 5000 Bonus Miles on the first credit card charge and awards a mile for every $2 expended. 15000 Bonus Miles are offered on Platinum airline credit cards for the first credit card charge while1 mile is awarded for every $1 that is spent.

Airline Miles Credit Card Incentives

Airline miles credit cards also allow the usage of a points system where each mile traveled is counted as a point. Frequent flyers can gather mileage points after every flight. Once they touch a particular points figure, travelers get the incentive of taking free flights to different places of their choice. Hence airline miles credit cards allows the consumers to avail a facility where they can convert the rewarded points at the rate of one mile for every 1 or 2 dollar charged to the credit card. This allows frequent flyers to build up miles at a quicker pace, which in turn can be bartered for flights, lodging, or even for renting a car.

Many credit companies offer lucrative sign-up incentives to their airline credit card holders. Some of them include attractive sign-ups without charging any yearly fees. Other perks include a 5000 Miles bonus on every first purchase by the airline credit card, a 0% APR charge for the initial twelve months and on every $1 expense a reward of one mile. Transfer of balances is also allowed on the airline miles credit cards.

However, APR rates keep on varying and but are valid for any airline, any seat and do not impose blackout dates. An airline miles credit card gives the liberty to plan a trip without any worry and provides excellent facilities if you have a good credit record. Every second airline credit card offers incentives that are subject to change and allow association with other airline companies. Some airline miles credit card allows exchanges with selected airlines all over the world, with the major car rentals, and with some selected hotels. A relatively high regular APR after the completion of the 0% APR period is a drawback. Nevertheless, with only a good credit rating required, this card may be easier to obtain as compared to competitor airline credit cards

These credit cards also find their efficient use in shopping malls, car washes, and hotels. Airline miles credit cards can be set to a maximum value by the airline companies to limit the monthly expenditure of the cardholders. Clients can avail of any choice from the list available. Airline companies offer various limits which are cost-effective and rational. Airline credit cards can be accessed through the internet like the other credit cards. One can do away with the pains of traveling to the nearest airport for getting an air ticket. So, an air ticket is just a mouse click away by using your airline credit card.

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