The Best Affiliate Networks

The Best Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are entities that seek to present independent publishers and advertisers with the opportunity to earn from running online campaigns of their choice or adverts. Affiliate networks have features to this effect; which include payment processing, ad tracking technology, campaign reporting tools, and access to a wide database of publishers.

The affiliate marketing industry has constantly evolved over the years from the late 90’s where it started to pick up speed in the world of marketing. It has recorded higher digital revenues since the 90’s up to date and has been estimated to have a prospective return of about $6.8 billion by the year 2021.

The following is a list of a few of the most significant remunerative affiliate networks; whose outstanding impact continues to be felt in the mobile and app related sectors. The list is, however, in no particular order of merit. Amazon Marketplace enables marketers to make the most out of mobile applications they distribute through the iOS App and Google Play stores by offering their client’s both physical and digital products. This platform receives a significant backing from the remarkable brand that Amazon is. Amazon Affiliates came to be in the year 2010, and its headquarters are based in Washington DC. The affiliate network has incorporated over 270,000 employees.

Founded in 1998, Commission Junction is regarded as a trailblazer in the field of digital marketing. It works with mobile publishers, offering them money making solutions for their apps whereby costs are met for specified actions. Among the features offered by this affiliate network are tracking systems, mobile optimized links, and insight reports.

Commission Junction has its headquarters located in Santa Barbara, United States and has various other offices in the US, as well as, in other countries, which include France, Sweden, The United Kingdom, Spain, and South Africa. Described as an Intelligent Mobile Advertising Platform, Yeahmobi provides solutions to mobile technology that are geared towards attaining global growth, attracting more active users, and of course, making money.

Yeahmobi deals with mobile apps, consumer games, travel, and lifestyle to mention but a few fields of interest. It covers over 200 states and regions making their goal of worldwide coverage highly attainable. Yeahmobi was founded in 2001 and is based in China, US, Japan, and Germany. It has created employment for over 400 employees so far.

Kimia is a premium network that only works with top affiliates and advertisers. This explains why it is a prime affiliate network. Since 2006, Kimia has been at the forefront of promoting world-class technology, constant optimization, and top-notch account management. Kimia’s headquarters are situated in Madrid, Spain with offices in Spain, India, and China.

As the name suggests, Billy Mobile is a mobile network that works with advertisers to attract and actually acquire users and publishers whose input enables them to fully maximize the returns of their businesses across 256 countries all over the world. This has been and still is the core business of Billy Mobile since its birth in 2014 with only four entrepreneur friends at the helm of its management. Billy Mobile is based in Spain. Mobvista is a mobile advertising firm with impressive numbers to show for its efforts since it was founded in 2013. It boasts well above 500 mobile application developers from 243 countries and regions. These developers have in total produced more than a thousand apps that bring in over 10 billion impressions a day. Mobvista’s headquarters are based in Guangzhou, China and have a number of offices across the globe. Over 400 employees have benefited from this network.

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