The Ultimate DIY Guide to Beautiful Product Photography

The Ultimate DIY Guide to Beautiful Product Photography

 A potential customer will judge your brand and products based on how you visually represent your items. This means that your photos should be beautiful and of high-quality. 

For new store owners, a professional photography studio can be a little costly. DIY product photography is the perfect alternative. You can take compelling photos as long as you have the right tools and use proper techniques.

The technique outlined below is referred to as The Window Light Technique. It is the best for those on a budget. It is a simple technique aimed at producing high-quality photos.

What You Will Need

The gear you use will greatly impact your photography. This is an issue that can be confusing to newcomers. High-end gadgets are not necessary. The only costly thing is probably the camera.


A super expensive Nikon camera gives awesome results but you can do without it. In fact, you can use your smartphone. 

The Canon G10 is modest but you can shoot outstanding photos with it. 

Start with what you have for now and see if the pictures are fine. The photo quality depends on more than just the camera.


If you are working with a slow shutter camera and you hold it, you are likely to end up with blurry photos. That is why you need a tripod. 

There are many cheap options on Amazon—there is no need to spend too much.

White Background

As a store owner, you may end up doing so many shoots. A white sweep is ideal because when it gets dirty, you can remove that dirty part.

For an even cheaper option, buy a poster board at the local art or drug store. When buying, choose pure white.

White Bounce Cards

When using window light, one side of your object will be directly struck by light while the other side will be the shadow side. Bounce cards are used to reflect light onto the shadow. The best material for bounce cards is foam board. 

Another tactic is using a black foam board to deepen the shadow. It is useful when both the background and the product are white.


A regular folding table will work just fine.


Clamps or tapes help to secure the board for a perfect sweep. 

The Right Room

A window or windows close to a wall make the best room. A big window will let in more light. 

How to Take Photos of Your Product

  • Set up the table: place it very close to the window and turn off lights in the room.
  • Set up the sweep: the sweep should be vertical. 
  • Set up the camera: set the white balance to auto AWB. Turn the flash setting off then set the image settings to RAW or the largest JPG setting.
  • Set up the product: place it at the center of the surface.
  • Set up your reflector card: feel free to try different angles.
  • Take the picture and evaluate it.
  • Retouch your pictures.

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