9 Ways to Earn Customer Trust When You Have Zero Sales

9 Ways to Earn Customer Trust When You Have Zero Sales

When shoppers are visiting a new online store, they look for customer reviews. They want to know whether they will have a good experience.

But what if your store is completely new, you have not made any sales and, therefore, have no reviews? How do you get customers to trust you and make purchases? 

This is a problem that every entrepreneur has to face. Fortunately for you, there is something you can do about it. 

The nine strategies outlined below will help you win the trust of potential customers. 

Let Them See the Human Side

Consumers barely trust brands—they are all out to make money. However, they easily trust people. 

Introduce the person behind your online store. This tactic works even better if you make your own products. The About Us page is the perfect space for this. Focus more on yourself and less on your product.

Nurture Relationships Through Content

Content helps you connect with new users. It offers a perfect chance to introduce yourself. 

Regular blogging shows that you care about your business and customers. Content also allows consumers to familiarize themselves with your brand and your voice. 

Show Them That You Value Their Security

Even as you try to show customers that they can trust your business, your site should also look trustworthy. 

With cyber secure being a huge issue, customers do not easily give out their financial information. 

Highlight an Outstanding Return Policy

A good return policy shows that the customer experience is important to you and you are confident about what you sell. 

People are more likely to buy if they are assured that they can return the item if they do not like it.

Be Available for Customer Questions

When customers are confused, they may try to contact you through social media, email or your contact form. 

Be available and answer their questions quickly and clearly.  

Detailed Product Information

The chances of making a sale increase when customers know more about the product. Here are some things that you may want to add to your descriptions:

  • Detailed measurements of the product
  • Exact weight of your product
  • Manufacturing materials or ingredients
  • Warranty information
  • Specific product features

Free Samples

Product samples may make people more interested in your store and they also inspire trust. This method may not be applicable to all businesses. 

Consider giving the samples to a specific number of people then ask for reviews. Alternatively, send the items to bloggers or influencers who will, in turn, help you reach your target audience. 

Have an FAQ Page

An FAQ page is instrumental in answering user questions. Through the page, you can explain how you run the store, offer product information, demonstrate your knowledge and give more information about your products and brand. 

Take Care of the Little Things

Preview your store both on mobile and desktop to see how the experience is like from the homepage to checkout. Take care of any mistakes, even the small ones. 

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