34 Ways to Get Paid to Play Games Online for Free

34 Ways to Get Paid to Play Games Online for Free

Playing video games is not necessarily a waste of time. You can get paid to do it even though you are not really a gamer. 

Swagbucks: you get paid to play video games, take surveys, search the internet and much more. 

InboxDollars: there are both paid and free games. They also have other gigs.

Mistplay: download the app, get a mixlist of games and play to earn redeemable points.

Lucktastic: this is a scratch card app available in the U.S for both Android and iPhone.

Long game: in this game, you get awarded for saving money.

Pogo: their games (free and paid) are available on all platforms. There is a daily drawing ($5) and a jackpot (up to $500).

PCHgames: you can win prizes worth up to $1000. Frequent players get additional tokens.

Bingo Zone: play and win Bingo for free. 

Paid Game Player: this is similar to Swagbucks but it is smaller. They have other gigs such as reviewing products.

Bananatic: you review, test and play games then earn bananas in exchange. These bananas are redeemable.

Exodus 3000: play this game and earn Mars Dollars which can be exchanged for cash.

SecondLife: create digital business and earn real money.

Gamesville: win games and free tournaments for GV rewards.

Bingo for Money: here, you pay to play and win cash with pretty much any game.

Free Slots 4U: the interactive slots or islots have a storyline. You write it as you play.

Givling: this is s trivia game. Every time you win you get paid. It offers two free games daily.

Slingo: you play free tournaments and earn money in the process. Anyone all over the world can join.

XY Gaming: you will be playing the games that are already on your computer—but by challenging other players. 

QuikRewards: you earn rewards playing video games and performing other tasks.

Play and Win: there are numerous games on this platform. You get extra points if you enter challenges and tournaments.

World Winner: play tournaments and win cash.

Other Video Games Gigs

Become a coach for video games: esports are a thing now and video games coaches are making loads of money.

Razer Cortex: you get paid in points that you can redeem for zSilver merchandise. 

Game Testers: this one pays you to test video games. But you need to pass a test first. 

Gaming Jobs Online: they pay you to try out new games and perform other tasks.

YouTube: create a video game-related channel and monetize it.

Twitch: this is like YouTube but for video games only.

Build a blog: review gaming products and teach other gamers a thing or two.

Player Auctions: sell your account info at PlayerAuctions. 

eBay: this is a great place to sell game credentials.

PlayerUp: this is a marketplace for P2P video game accounts.

Own a game server: host a server and earn cash when people play with you.

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