Six Reasons Your Law Firm Should Start Using Mobile Notaries

Six Reasons Your Law Firm Should Start Using Mobile Notaries

Law firms have to protect their highly confidential information from potential mishandlings. If there are lawsuits that were filed in response to documents signed under pressure or incomplete documents, a mobile notary will help you avoid claiming liability for them. Some documents in a law firm are very sensitive and require someone with extreme attention to detail.

Some professional notary agencies such as Superior Notary Services will send certified notaries when you contact them.

A notary’s role is straightforward. Simply stated, their job is to witness and authenticate essential transactions’ signings. The transactions mostly include mortgage documents, medical directives, adoption papers, etc.

Mobile notaries deal with high-profile documentation and they are important for any legal process. They balance many obligations and it is hard to find one on short notice.

So, why should you consider a mobile notary?


You can access a mobile notary anytime you need them. Your firm will have support 24/7. It is easy to assume that you won’t need the services during odd hours. But an on-call mobile notary ensures that even in an emergency, important documents are notarized.

Notary publics don’t usually advertise their services and so it is hard for law firms to find them. Round the clock availability will ensure that you are always covered.

Speed of Service

It is not uncommon to have to wait for hours or even days before a notary public comes. Mobile notaries, on the other and, ensure that you receive the services on the same day. Instant results save your law firm the money you would have wasted waiting to get notary services for urgent matters. Time is money, they say. Don’t let the process take longer than it should.


It is not always easy to find a notary public. There is stiff competition because mobile notaries are limited. In some cases, law firms disrupt their entire day just to look for a notary public.

With mobile notaries, it is different. They come to you. These ones have your convenience as their priority and they follow your schedule.

No Limitations

When you have hired the services of a mobile notary, you are assured that they will come to the designated meeting place. All you need to do is tell them where to be and at what time—they will be there. This convenience factor is priceless. You will be able to complete tasks quickly and increase productivity.

Save Money

Payment can be a problem with public notaries. They can choose to increase their rates last minute. Mobile notaries will only charge what has been established by the Secretary of State. Since they have to go to your meeting place of choice, your firm can expect traveling fees. There are also some additional initial costs. But in the long run, you will save a lot.


You get a satisfactory level of privacy with a notary public. However, mobile notaries guarantee a high level of confidentiality. You never have to worry about information leaking.