The 13 Highest-Paying IT Jobs in 2020

The 13 Highest-Paying IT Jobs in 2020

The current job market offers a lot of options for technology professionals—but only if they possess the right qualifications. There’s an increasing demand for IT specialists and that means that salaries are also rising. 

Take a look at the highest-salary IT jobs currently. 

Big Data Engineer

Almost every business needs someone to transform huge amounts of raw data into information that is actionable for innovation, decision-making and strategy. The median salary for these skills is $163,250. The main job for these professionals is to create hardware and software architecture for the company and the system required to use the data. 

Mobile Apps Developer

A quick look at your tablet or smartphone will tell you why this one made the list. Mobile developers have the skills required to develop apps for Android, iOS and other popular platforms. They require skills in mobile development languages and frameworks. The median salary for this job is $146,500.

Information Systems Security Manager

To do this job, a candidate should have a technical background in network and systems security. They should also possess great leadership and interpersonal abilities. Other key skills include communication abilities, problem-solving skills and analytical skills. The midpoint salary is $143,250.

Applications Architect

The average salary for these pros is $141,750. They design the key features of an application, such as infrastructure and user experience. Candidates should be good managers, team players and have strong technical abilities. 

Data Architect

Data architects are greatly involved in the complicated process of making business decisions. They are responsible for data storage and organization. The midpoint salary is $141,250.

Database Manager

These pros support and maintain the database environment of an organization. They assist firms in in using their data strategically. The median salary is $133,500.

Data Security Analyst

A data security analyst has to be knowledgeable about network and computer security. This includes network protocols, encryption technologies and firewall administration. The median salary is $129,000.

Software Engineer

Software engineers earn a midpoint salary of $125,750. Their main job is to come up with engineering specs for software and applications. Their demand is always high. 

Wireless Network/Cloud Engineer

These experts are required to have knowledge in all things network technology. They also need a background in WLAC design as well as wireless standards and equipment. The median salary is $123,750.

Data Scientist

Data scientists make sense of raw data acquired from different sources using their modeling and statistics knowledge. Communication and business skills are important here. The midpoint salary is $125,250.

Senior Web Developer

They create attractive and consistent web properties using business requirements. They also offer web admins technical assistance. To become a senior web developer, a few years of experience are required. The median salary is $123,000.

Site Reliability Engineer

They monitor the performance of applications and should thoroughly understand code and the application. These pros can also write code. The average salary is $122,000.

Systems Engineer

These ones maintain and support system software and hardware of a company, in addition to all the other technical infrastructure. Their salary midpoint is $106,000.