Surefire Ways to Stay Motivated and On a Budget

Surefire Ways to Stay Motivated and On a Budget

Creating a budget is way easier than following it. This post will teach you how to stay motivated.

Why Does Motivation Leave?

Many people don’t create a budget because they would love to. They do it because it will bring peace and happiness in the long run. It is just another thing that you have to do as an adult. 

But it gets hard. Sometimes you want to do what feels good in the moment. You don’t have the energy to keep up the discipline. When that happens, try the ways discussed below.

Have like-minded friends. If you are surrounded by careless spenders, it will be difficult for you to stay the path. People who have similar goals will motivate you and remind you of your own goals. 

Make it easy. On your calendar, mark dates within the month for you to check in on your budget. Alternatively, get a budgeting app. 

Have short-term goals. These are easier to achieve and they don’t take long. Attaining them motivates you to go for bigger ones.

Come up with rewards. celebrating budgeting victories is highly recommended. But be careful not to overspend in your rewards.

Make goals visual. On a book or a board, stick pictures that remind you of where you want to be. And look at it every day.

Test your budget. Try accomplishing a goal with your budget—like saving for a pair of shoes or paying off a small debt. 

Watch and listen to helpful content. Whether you’re watching a TV show, reading a book or listening to a podcast, ensure that the content is financially sound.

A budgeting journal. Check in occasionally to monitor your progress. The notes will help you track your comfort level, savings and debt.

Plan activities around your budget. You can still do fun things but keep them within the budget. Or take advantage of free activities like movie night at home.

Make money decisions individually. Controlling one choice is easier than several choices at once. 

Refer to yourself as a budgeter. When you slip, tell yourself that you can still do better because you are a budgeter.

A standard response to money urges. Anytime you are tempted to spend, try a new recipe or do something to distract yourself.

Track expenses seriously. If you have a budgeting app, open it first in the morning before your socials. 

Define a goal. What do you hope to accomplish with budgeting? This is what will motivate you. 

Long-term Motivation

Divide bigger goals. If you have a big goal, like a huge loan amount to pay, divide it into several smaller amounts.

Eliminate decision fatigue. Thanks to technology, there are many things that you can automate. For instance, you can set up an automatic system to send money to your lenders, mortgage or retirement account. 

Be ready for burnout. This is unavoidable, so you might as well be prepared. Plan for it and what you will do. Maybe schedule a small break. 

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