Pathfinder: Awakening


The air stink of nothing but blood and it didn’t help with the tattered pieces of flesh forcefully and aggressively sliced off the bodies of the dead victims lining the path leading into the crypt. Simon and Josiah had been tracking it for months and they had only come close enough to catch it two nights back before it laid waste to the entire village without anyone particularly seeing it strike or make its disappearance. 
They weren’t meant to feel fear, but it groped their souls like they had one in the first place. Their perfect vision led them through the pieces of torn body parts lying everywhere, with the blood stained wall leading into the crypt burning brightly while they kept their urges in check. 
“Kahlil needs it alive”, Josiah reminded his jittery partner. 
He could see the vampire he hunted with for years having a rather hard time keeping his paranoia and senses in check. He could tell even the formidable Simon was terrified of the unknown they hunted. It waited for them and they could perceive the blood smeared all over it from its last hunt. 
“You mean him and not it?” Simon managed to reply in a whisper, trying not to alert the beast with super sensitive hearing just a few feet away from them. 
They both froze in their steps, pondering on what to do next, and not get killed in the process. The news that some new creature with heightened senses, speed, and killing abilities had torn through an entire village in two successive nights had been a cause for concern for the vampire ruler Kahlil. It had occurred on a full moon, prompting the assumption it could be a newbie; a vampire that had just been bitten and without any means of controlling its urges and impulses.