Mastering eBay: The Entrepreneurs Guide To Selling And Making Money On eBay


There are 500,000 people who earn a living from selling on eBay full-time. Most American homes have so many unused items lying somewhere. That is where some sellers start—by selling things they no longer use. When they start doing well, they begin listing items for other sellers. Other people choose to invest their resources in eBay-related franchises. Take the example of Scott Kluth who decided to invest in iSold It. With negotiated supplier agreements and access to a check fulfillment system, he became a franchisee then opened a store. Currently, Scott Kluth location is among iSold It top 10 locations. Scott’s store lists an average of 28 new items every day. Customers usually start by bringing in a single item to see how things play out. When it sells, they come with more items. This store has been in business for only a year and it started bringing in profit in the third month. One of the best things about selling on eBay is the fact that you can do it as a hobby at first, then make it a full-time business if things go well.