Her Blackened Soul (The Blackened Series Book 1)


Magic. Love. Power.

The forces of beauty, darkness, and love swirl in this tale of fantasy and intrigue. For the heart of a dark witch hangs in the balance between two incredible loves and the energy between them. When Lady Isra lays eyes on the enchanting Astrid the Raven they fall in love so passionately and completely that it leaves them both gasping for more. Despite her predilection towards seclusion and darkness, Isra finds the world is set to seek her out anyway and engage her in new and challenging ways. For it is when the mysterious Kane knocks at her door, Lady Isra finds herself trapped between two loves–pulled by a string at the end of her soul through a maze of questions, wonder, passion, and choices. In a world cast into fantasy and twilight, the lives of those entangled in Lady Isra’s web play out in this dark and beautiful fairy tale that pit the forces of power and magic against those who live and love in the shadows.

Are you brave enough to enter the kingdom and delve into the darkness?