Haunted Hearts


What could make a person become a poet? It wasn’t my

first idea, originally I wanted to be an archeologist

specializing in Egyptology when I was in middle school I

studied everything

I could about the culture the history and even how to

read hieroglyphs but for all my studies and hard work

fate had a twist to throw into my well planned life, I

developed seizures at the age of 14 which got worse when

I turned 15.

I was shaken to the core when my doctor said that I

would have to change my dream because my medication

would be unavailable where I wanted to attend college

in three years. I started going to the school library and

reading Edgar Allen Poe and all mythologies that I could

get my hands on.

Even after all my seizures I can still remember my love for

myth and legends even if the rest should come back in

pieces like a puzzle. I took a creative writing course in

high school and that is when I found that I have a true

spark for writing poetry. watched many friends graduate

including my high school sweetheart but I kept working

for my diploma until I received it in 2004. Now though

my seizures are not controlled and none of my doctors

know what causes them I write to keep the worries at bay

and because I love to write.

If you are going through the same thing or just a health

issue that you don’t know how to cope with you just need

to focus and remember even the small dreams come true

if you help them.