Good Vibrations (The Craynes Greatest Hits Book 1)


Let’s travel back to the decade of free love, psychedelia, and when rock n roll was at its finest. Imagine beach parties, surfers, bikinis and lots of garage bands trying to make it big on the LA rock scene. Let’s take you to San Francisco, down to Haight-Ashbury where free spirits will greet you with painted faces and flowers in their hair. Images of peace and love never looked better than what you will find in this book, Good Vibrations.

Come along on a journey with Alex, Jamie, Danny, Sebastian and their friends as they look back over the past few years of their life and share how they became friends, and how their rock band The Craynes was formed. This journey is filled with zany antics of a 1960s sitcom brought to life in a world inspired by The Monkees. Beyond the humor there are plenty of opportunities for romance and the drama that comes with it.

“In an age of innocence, free love and full of hippie logic, this story will take you on a 1960s romp which surely will have the readers wishing to be part of the summer of love.”