A Familiar Stranger


“A new structure of storytelling and an engrossing story” “It’s like a series of memories all crammed into one book” “Funny, dark at times and an interesting message passed through this book which tells us a little bit about humanity” “Witty and original with a very interesting layout, I’ve never seen anything like this” There are two sides to every story. Have you ever realised that a story changes from person to person depending on their perception of the said event? Each and every person sees events differently and every person has their own version of events and tells their own story in their own words. Everyone’s story is connected to one man. A Familiar Stranger. A stranger by name but one we are all familiar with.

The stranger waits, patiently, to tell his own story in his own words and his version of events is a little different to everyone else’s, he’ll tell you himself. A series of intertwined short stories, all told in first-person by the very people who experienced the events and all linked in some way or another by a stranger who lurks in the background, waiting to tell his own story. A nice mixture of urban fantasy, sci-fi and a bit of dark comedy for good measure. This is the story of a group of people who experience certain life-changing events. Each story is connected in a small way or a big way and each story is incredibly different.