Affiliate Marketing: Build Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business While Traveling The World


Affiliate marketing is the promoting of products that other people make or for businesses like travel, finance, credit, etc. Marketers publish links online on multiple sites. Affiliates promote your products, and once they make a sale, they earn commissions. Affiliate marketing is successful because many new customers see your products. The customers’ interest is peaked when he or she sees a product over and over again. There are two ways of doing affiliate marketing. Either start your affiliate program or become another company’s affiliate. For every sale that you make because of affiliate efforts, you pay a commission. Should you opt to have your affiliate program, every purchase means that you pay a commission. If you choose to promote another business on your site, you will earn a commission for every sale you make.

Ch. 1 – An Insight Into Affiliate Marketing For Entrepreneurs
Ch. 2 – Trends in Affiliate Marketing
Ch. 3 – Marketing Strategies for Social Media
Ch. 4 – The Best WordPress Tools
Ch. 5 – How To Make Money From Home
Ch. 6 – The Art Of Growing Your Affiliate Website
Ch. 7 – Commandments of Affiliate Marketing
Ch. 8 – Scripting Content for Affiliate Marketing
Ch. 9 – The Best Affiliate Networks
Ch. 10 – The Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing
Ch. 11 – Make Money From Affiliate Ad Programs
Ch. 12 – Launching Your Affiliate Marketing Business
Ch. 13 – Four Strategies to Achieve Affiliate Marketing Success
Ch. 14 – Attracting The Top Affiliates
Ch. 15 – Consolidating Affiliate Marketing and Influencer Marketing
Ch. 16 – Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make