How To Buy Apple Watch Series 3 For $50 Less – Refurbished


Apple’s latest Watch is hugely successful, which has meant it hasn’t been that easy to find discounted prices. This has meant that earlier versions like the Series 2 which is no longer available from Apple itself, and the available-everywhere Series 1 have at least been more likely to drop in price.

In the last days, Apple’s Certified Refurbished Store, which is always a great place on which to keep an eye, has started listing the latest Watch with decent discounts.

Please note, I receive no commission from sales of the products below, I’ve checked the prices independently and recommend them for their quality and value.

Before we get to the details, here’s a little about the store.


Apple Watch Series 3 with one of the new sporty bands attached.

Where do I find it?

Go to or in Britain, for instance, or the Apple website for your country. Note that Apple Watch isn’t available in all refurbished sites – it’s not on the UK site right now, for example.

Scroll to the very bottom of the page until you see the tab in the second column headed Apple Store and beneath that there’s ‘Refurbished and Clearance’. That’s where to click.


Apple Watch Series 3 with one of the new sporty bands attached.

Why go there?

You have the security of buying direct from Apple, with the knowledge that, as the company says, ‘Before we put an Apple Certified Refurbished product up for sale, it undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process to make sure it’s up to Apple’s high standards.’

This includes what the company calls ‘full-functionality testing’ as well as thorough cleaning (well, I should hope so!) and repackaged.  Note, though, that when it comes to Apple Watch, the company specifically says ‘Apple Watch devices that require replacement parts are not included in the Apple Certified Refurbished Program’.


What to expect from Apple’s refurbished store.

What should I expect?

Apple emphasizes that the first thing customers should expect when buying an Apple Certified Refurbished Product is ‘substantial savings’.


Stock may be limited so don’t hang about.

How much stock does the store have?

It’s hard to say but Apple also points out that refurbished stock is limited, so don’t dilly-dally if you see exactly the product you’re after.


So, what are the bargains?

There are currently four Apple Watch Series 3 options available. All four are for the GPS version of Series 3, not the GPS + Cellular model, and all are models with the aluminum case. All include the magnetic charging cable and what Apple calls ‘a new white box’. Three of the four are the 38mm size, one is 42mm.

The smaller size is available in three colors: Silver aluminum with Fog sport band, Space Gray aluminum with Black sport band and Gold aluminum with Pink Sand sport band. All three are on sale at 15% off, that’s a reduction of $50 from $329 to $279.

The larger, 42mm, version is only available in the Space Gray Aluminum case with Black sport band. It also has a price $50 lower, $309 instead of $349, a 13% reduction.